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Fast-Tracking Carrier Compliance With AI-Powered RMIS Assistant


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We’ve all heard the hype around AI these days. Chatbots you can “talk to” to get answers, info, and help are now commonplace, effectively enabling instant-gratification customer experiences.

Here at Truckstop, in our constant pursuit of innovation that delivers a better way to move freight, we’re taking AI to the next level. A level that will exponentially increase broker efficiency, drastically speed up their daily tasks, and instill confidence that they’re making solid decisions. We’re accomplishing this by plugging AI into our own unique real-time data, starting with the way brokers onboard carriers and verify compliance.  

Introducing RMIS Assistant

This is where the magic happens! By combining Truckstop and RMIS data with AI, we can expose information and features that might otherwise be difficult to find and allow direct access to our data using natural conversation—language as an “interface.” Simply put, you can just talk to the data.  

Instead of searching for, analyzing, and aggregating the disparate pieces of information a broker needs to onboard a carrier and verify compliance, RMIS Assistant cuts right to the chase and immediately serves up relevant carrier data without the time-consuming hassle of navigating multiple apps and websites. By breaking free from the necessity of logging in to multiple platforms and toggling between tabs in search of the right information, novice brokers will enjoy a less steep learning curve, and brokers at all levels and skill sets can accomplish complex tasks at record speed.

Here’s how it works

It’s as easy as having a conversation, and all you have to do is ask it a question or provide a prompt. For example, you can say, “Look up this MC number and tell me the carrier’s insurance status.” Or “Look up this phone number and tell me the risk score.” RMIS Assistant quickly finds the information and drops it in the conversation.

RMIS Assistant is whip-smart, able to handle compound questions, complex inquiries, and context, so you don’t have to worry about using exact language or keywords. It handles the conversation intuitively, effortlessly, and seamlessly, so brokers can move through their day with speed and confidence like never before.

Features and capabilities at a glance

Using RMIS Assistant, brokers can quickly determine the compliance status of carriers in their networks, including general information like carrier DOT, FMCSA Safety Rating and Authority information, plus in-depth insurance details and fraud indicators.

Brokers can query for fraud indicators, too, with questions like:

  • Has the main contact, corporate contact, or dispatch been faked, compromised, or impersonated?
  • What are the chances the carrier is fake, malicious, a bad actor, or a fraudster?

Secure your future as a freight broker!

As the freight industry evolves at breakneck speed, Truckstop remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, so you can stay competitive and thrive! This introduction of generative AI is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re hard at work developing and innovating on the bleeding edge of technology that’s sure to improve all aspects of moving freight, so you’re fully equipped for success today and well into the future

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