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Bad actors continue to rear their ugly heads throughout the freight industry, threatening to steal identities and payments and generally creating distrust between carriers and brokers. Vetting every carrier to ensure legitimacy and avoid fraud takes time. So how do freight brokers perform the balancing act required as they teeter between hiring carriers fast to cover and move freight while protecting their businesses and moving their shipper customers’ goods expeditiously and safely? That is the question.

Creating trust and security in freight

For nearly three decades, Truckstop has been instilling trust between carriers, brokers, and shippers, providing them with a better way to move freight. We prioritize trust by carefully vetting everyone on our Truckstop Load Board to prevent imposters from lurking and intercepting sensitive data or cargo.

Our dedicated team only allows legitimate individuals and businesses to prevent imposters from entering our network. Every action, product, and acquisition at Truckstop enhances trust among the freight professionals we serve.

“Truckstop pulls it all together for us to protect from fraud and select the best carrier for specific freight. We’ve tested other products over the last 12 months, but RMIS is the most complete solution to execute our capacity strategy without compromise.” VP of Transportation, Max Trans.

Truckstop acquired RMIS to provide brokers with the best tools for quickly onboarding and monitoring carriers while ensuring compliance to mitigate risk. RMIS is an additional tool brokers can rely on to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraudulent documents.

Building trust at every turn

RMIS leads the freight industry in providing best-in-class carrier onboarding and monitoring for compliance. The automated compliance process dramatically speeds up onboarding and is customizable to accommodate unique needs and business rules, and it easily integrates into major and proprietary TMS platforms, including Truckstop ITS Dispatch. At the click of a button, RMIS gives brokers fast access to more than 98% of today’s active carriers and their compliance information. RMIS automates the compliance process to speed up carrier onboarding by as much as 80%, conserving resources while helping protect you against fraud.

Starting with onboarding, RMIS provides assurance that the carriers you hire meet your compliance requirements throughout the freight lifecycle. And now, since the onslaught of fraud due to both the pandemic and a down freight cycle, our product team has been hard at work, adding enhancements that improve security to provide more effective protection:

  • Automated Fraud Contact Alerts: RMIS automatically blocks IP addresses with reported suspicious activity. You will be notified if a carrier is auto-blocked during registration, allowing you to do additional vetting.
  • Two-step Verification: During registration, the carrier must input their RMIS carrier ID and zip code, at which point a code is sent to the email address on file. The code is required to continue registration. The goal is to prevent bad actors from falsely registering MCs they don’t have access to.
  • Identity Risk Panel: RMIS flags discrepancies between RMIS and DOT contact information. If the information is vastly different or if multiple discrepancies occur, you can further vet the carrier.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security step that helps identify potentially compromised or fraudulent credentials while it enables a single-sign-on experience throughout the Truckstop platform.
  • Identity verification badges are visual indicators that a carrier’s identity has been verified. Carriers need to verify their identity with a security step that compares a real-time selfie with the carrier’s government-issued ID to ensure they are who they say they are.
  • VoIP devices are the primary tools used by fraudsters and most fraudulent calls are made from VoIP phones. RMIS alerts you to any phone calls coming from a VoIP device so you can proceed with caution and be aware of potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Risk Factors analyzes data from the load board, RMIS, and the FMCSA to deliver a summary of a carrier’s risk indicators with a color-coded warning. It provides insights based on VoIP, VIN, IP address behavior, and more to help you confidently assess carriers—faster.

Stay safe for the long haul

With fraud as a moving, morphing target, it’s hard to get a handle on. That’s where Truckstop RMIS comes in The RMIS team is dedicated to meeting today’s needs for compliance, security, and fraud protection while also innovating ahead of the curve to address future needs. We’re currently working on a tool that draws from Truckstop’s vast, proprietary, licensed, public data to deliver a summarized risk factor indicator right to your workflow so you can make an informed carrier hiring decision with speed and confidence like never before.

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