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Truckstop’s Fight Against Freight Fraud Takes You from Risk to Confidence

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Transition potential risk into assured safety with stringent vetting processes and secure transactions.

As the freight industry continues to experience a record amount of fraud, brokers and carriers need tools to help them efficiently detect, avoid, and STOP bad actors and their criminal intent. Current tools rely on manual processes and myriad data sources, which eat up resources, drag down margins, and result in stolen freight and financial loss.

  • 78% of brokers experience lost time resolving fraud-related issues.
  • $31.1M value of cargo lost to fraud in Q3, 2024.
  • 49% of organizations have more than 5 employees responsible for identifying/preventing fraud.

As scammers and bad actors use increasing sophistication and new tactics, Truckstop recognizes the need for tighter security measures and is fully committed to arming our customers with the innovative tools they need to stop fraud in its tracks. The Truckstop product team is always hard at work, innovating and developing advanced security measures to help protect our broker and carrier customers, as well as the freight industry at large.

Strengthing Defenses to Protect Carriers’ Identity

To that end, two advanced security measures are now required when you log in to Truckstop.com and Truckstop Go™ mobile app: Identity Verification and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • Identity Verification validates the identity of anyone who attempts to log in on behalf of a carrier by matching their government-issued ID against a real-time selfie.
  • MFA provides yet another layer of fraud protection against potentially compromised credentials while enabling seamless access across Truckstop products. This multi-stop log-in process requires more than just a password (which is easily hacked) to access a system.

With these enhanced security steps in place, brokers are assured carriers are who they say they are, so they can hire and onboard with speed and confidence, plus build and grow a trusted network.

Carriers understand the importance of protecting their business reputation and the value of managing their carrier profile in order to get hired by brokers.

“I like this ‘manage my reputation’ because my business reputation matters.”” -Norman S. (veteran carrier with more than a decade of experience)

Carriers are also quite willing to verify their identity, as they know it positions them as an attractive hire and helps build trust with brokers. And relationships built on trust are essential in the freight world, now more than ever before.

Collaboration is Key

Recent learnings reveal that most freight professionals, carriers and brokers alike, are more than willing to do what it takes to keep their businesses safer from fraud. Knowing that our customers are taxed with plenty on their plates to do, Truckstop works hard to keep these processes and steps simple, fast, and easy to complete. If we commit to doing our part and working together, the bad guys won’t win; the freight industry will prevail.

We Build Trust at Every Turn

From the lengths we take to verify freight partners to the above-and-beyond measures we take to keep your business secure, we build trust in every phase of the freight lifecycle. With products tested to go the distance and security advancements that help protect your business from predators, at Truckstop, trust is more than an empty promise.

We’re currently working on additional security and fraud prevention tools and initiatives to further strengthen the circle of trust so necessary in safely moving freight today. These breakthrough innovations will go the extra mile to deter fraud and protect the industry that moves our nation forward.

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