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How Fleets of All Sizes Benefit from a TMS

True TMS Contributed by True TMS

Whether your fleet is big or small, everyone can benefit from a transportation management system (TMS). Yes—everyone who chooses to use a TMS will reap the benefits. 

We sat down with George Thellman, director of business development at True TMS, to find out why small fleets aren’t taking advantage of what big companies have. As he explains in the interview with Brett Jendra, our channel partner marketing manager, a TMS can bring all the bells and whistles to the small operations they may not even know they need.

Watch the webinar for more details on ways a TMS can benefit your business.

Invest Now for Long-Term Payoffs

The market cycle has gone from a record high in 2021 to the more common levels we’ve seen in 2022 and 2023. Many small fleet owners or owner-operators are cutting costs, trying to pinch every penny. But Thellman suggests that “those who take time to streamline their processes during a downturn come out on the other side lightyears ahead of their competition.”

Based on historical experience, the industry will be facing an upcycle. But the when and events in the process remain an unknown factor that could delay or accelerate that upswing. Right now is the time to internalize and review your processes—digitally transform your office functions to save time and money so you can focus on building relationships with customers that will outlast any market fluctuations. 

What TMS Can Do for Your Business

Here’s a quick breakdown of what a basic TMS software can handle:

  • Helps plan and forecast network needs
  • Optimizes routes
  • Manages carriers (their information and routes)
  • Executes and tracks shipments
  • Automates load booking and tendering, among other processes
  • Handles payment and settlements
  • Reports on network KPIs

Transitioning to a TMS With Confidence

Many small businesses are hesitant to invest in a transportation management system—even if they know it might make things easier. “Change is scary,” Thellman says, “so many people are afraid of change, as well as myths. It’s ingrained that during the down cycles, you save pennies.” But, as he explains, a downturn or a slow time is the best time to look forward and figure out what you can do to make things move smoother and simpler. “Look down the road, not at the current moment.”

Still, change can be difficult. When moving from Excel, paper, or however you manage without a TMS, it’s simply a mindset that you need to change, according to Thellman. “If you think you’re too small, don’t be afraid of it just because the big guys use it.” Everything that happens with a TMS is something you’re already doing; it’s just siloed and more cumbersome. “Give any TMS a shot, and you’ll see that what you’re doing isn’t streamlined enough.”

Moving from one TMS to another? If you feel that’s the right move for your business, go for it! Don’t worry about what you might lose—think about what you can gain. “Think of it as a positive challenge,” Thellman says, “not something you’ll never get out of.”

Small Fleet, Big Potential with a TMS

A TMS helps you stay more organized. If someone calls with a problem, you won’t have to search through countless computer files or stacks of papers on your desk—you can pull it right up on the screen and check load by load for the information you need.

Whether you boast dozens of trucks in your fleet or just a handful, investing in technology and processes to keep things streamlined and simple gives you ample preparation time to grow in the next upcycle. Investing in a TMS makes your processes cleaner, simpler, and cost-effective.

True TMS

TrueTMS is the transportation management system designed from the ground up for small fleet owners to truly meet your needs, truly help you out, and truly listen. TrueTMS is simple to use, quick to implement, and integrates easily with existing software systems to fill gaps.

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