RFP process automation.

Simplify and streamline your RFP process.

Your complete request for proposal business solution.

Simplification saves money. Truckstop.com’s RFP is the complete proposal management system for your Broker business. Enjoy a single, on-demand system that easily consolidates, organizes, schedules, hosts, and awards or accepts lanes to selected transportation partners.

Customizable profiles

Brand your proposals.

Customize RFPs to your needs. Information and logos self-populate for easy branding.

Instant partner vetting

Control risk.

Invite pre-qualified transportation contacts to participate with a click of a button. We update our new Carrier database within 2 hours with information from government, FMCSA, and insurance databases. You then choose which factors to pre-qualify your Carrier partners with.

RFP campaigns

Invite Truckstop.com Carriers.

Invite Carriers who run your specific lanes, equipment, and meet your qualifications from across the entire Truckstop.com network of 1MM units.

Streamlined system

Enjoy a single, on-demand system.

Consolidate, organize, schedule, host and award/accept lanes to transportation partners.

Let’s talk RFP.

See how our RFP helps brokerages like yours optimize operations.

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