Rate Analysis

Rates platform for medium-to-large Fleet Owners, Brokers, & Shippers.

No more spreadsheets. No more guesses.

Win the rate game with our trusted industry rate platform. Powerful, quick, and easy to use, benchmark with confidence by rating against hundreds of thousands of daily loads and 1 million power units from Truckstop.com.

USD per month

Best for new Brokers/Shippers/Carriers

Up to 1,000 Analyses
Up to 5 users
FREE integration when contributing rates

USD per month

Best for small-medium sized businesses looking to have a strategic platform for pricing and small bids.

Up to 5,000 Analyses
Unlimited users
FREE integration when contributing rates

USD per month

Best for pricing departments running full-scale bids.

Up to 15,000 Analyses
Unlimited users
FREE integration when contributing rates

Enterprise Customers

For customers needing over 15,000 analyses per month, contact your Truckstop.com enterprise sales rep. for customized pricing.

Chainalytics is now offered with Rate Analysis.

Rate Analysis now includes both contract and spot rate benchmark estimates through a partnership with Chainalytics, a recognized leader in freight market intelligence. Learn more.

Get 30% off Rate Analysis!

Every month that you upload your history to use in rating and rate calculations, we will cut your next bill by 30% (or integrate your rates with our API for an automatic discount).

Get trusted market data in real time.

Speed is your competitive advantage. Why not use it to get better rates on every deal?

Let’s talk rates.

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