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Truckstop Announces Rate Insights Integration with GoodShip

Truckstop and Goodship

This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

BOISE, Idaho and NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Truckstop today announced a Rate Insights integration with GoodShip, an all-in-one platform for transportation procurement and operations teams to optimize freight spend and on-time performance while streamlining workflows and strengthening carrier relationships.

GoodShip will utilize spot market rate data from the Truckstop™ Rate Insights tool within its smart recommendation engine, providing shippers with contextualized, actionable insights about their carrier network’s performance and cost. GoodShip users will also be able to run procurement events in-platform and compare incoming bids to current and predicted market rates provided via the Truckstop API.

“We are excited to partner with GoodShip to put more pricing data in the hands of logistics decision makers and enable more agile, resilient supply chains,” said Julia Laurin, chief product officer, Truckstop. “We believe that our rates offering provides analysis of load details that is currently unmatched in the industry which makes for a more accurate output.”

Truckstop’s Rate Insights is the only spot market rate tool using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide highly accurate, same-day rate estimates at the load level.  Carriers, brokers, and shippers can access daily market rates specific to load attributes, including equipment type, location, and dates.

“In a market as volatile as freight, resilience and agility are one and the same,” said Ryan Soskin, chief executive officer, GoodShip. “The ability to gather, interpret, and instantly action data is what transforms supply chains from a cost center into a competitive advantage. Layering in market insights from providers like Truckstop with GoodShip’s procurement and negotiation tooling presents a clear, transformative win for shippers.”

About Truckstop

Truckstop is a trusted partner for carriers, brokers, and shippers, empowering the freight community through a platform of innovative solutions for the entire freight lifecycle to increase efficiency, automate processes, and accelerate growth. As one of the industry’s largest neutral freight marketplaces, Truckstop provides the customer service as well as scale of quality loads and trucks to give customers of all sizes, whether on the road or in the office, the transparency and freedom to build lasting relationships and grow their businesses. To learn how Truckstop is helping move the freight community forward, visit https://truckstop.com.

About GoodShip

GoodShip is the multiplayer platform for shippers and carriers to digitally procure, measure, and optimize contract freight. GoodShip is the command center that unifies data from a shippers tech ecosystem — TMS tender data, contract award data, location data — enriches it with market pricing data, then provides the tools to make that information instantly actionable directly from the platform by facilitating rate renegotiations, managing carrier performance conversations, and reducing spot exposure. Service and price are optimized in a systematic, data-driven way that enhances collaboration with carriers by establishing clear expectations and a real-time scorecard for ongoing alignment.