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Look to Truckstop to help you get good gooseneck loads.

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If you’re the owner-operator of a gooseneck pickup truck and you’re trying to find loads to haul, hot shot or otherwise, we can help.

To find the best loads, it pays to use the best load board—and not all load boards offer the same features and benefits. In fact, if you find yourself using more than one resource (jumping from website to app to multiple load boards) to find the perfect load for you, you’re probably not using the best load board out there. And if you’re spending more time looking for gooseneck loads than hauling them, again, you might not be using a load board that’s up to the task.

Because finding loads is one thing. Finding the right loads fast that match your needs, equipment type, and preferences is quite another. Truckstop load boards save you precious time you can’t afford to waste by quickly cutting through the clutter to find what truck loads work for you.

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Everything you need to start finding and booking loads now.

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  • doneLoad Searching info
  • doneTruck/Lane Posting info
  • doneDecision Tools info
  • doneBook It Now info
  • doneRoute Map info


Everything in Basic plus tools to weed out slow-paying brokers.

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  • Includes everything in Basic, plus:
  • doneFuel Desk info
  • doneCredit Stop Broker info


Level up your profits with tools that make it easy to make more on every load.

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  • Includes everything in Advanced, plus:
  • doneLoad Alert Notifications info
  • doneLoad Comparison info
  • doneReal-Time Updates info
  • doneRate Insights info
  • doneHeat Map info
  • doneBest-Paying Loads Search info
  • doneMulti-Trip info

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The best load board for gooseneck loads is the one that empowers you to make your own decisions.

If you think using a load board takes away your control, we urge you to think again. In our 25+ years in the load board business, one thing we know about owner-operators and freight carriers is that they value freedom and autonomy. They—you—want to conduct business your way. We get it. And we design our load board features and solutions with that knowledge top of mind. That’s why the Truckstop Gooseneck Load Board delivers the data, but lets you make the decisions that you determine are best for you and your gooseneck freight operation.

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The difference is in the data.

A carrier stands between two trailers and checks the Truckstop Load Board for gooseneck trailer loads.
  • We give you accurate, current, quality rates data, but you ultimately either accept the rate or use the data we give you to negotiate a better one. The best load board helps you get the best rates and make more money per the miles you travel on all your truck loads.
  • We vet every broker on our board, but for a deeper dive, we give you broker data in detail: How long does a certain broker take to pay carriers? How long have they been in business? What is their complaint or compliment history? Credit rating? Number of years in business? Are there brokers who specialize in hot shot gooseneck loads? You decide what criteria is important to you, and ultimately, you choose who to work with. The best load board helps you find the best brokers for you.
  • Another thing to look at in a load board is how the data and information is served up. The Truckstop Carrier Load Board load search tool features advanced search and filtering, so you don’t waste time looking at loads that don’t meet your gooseneck trailer equipment requirements or other preferences. It lets you customize the way your search is displayed. With simple drag and drop, you can move columns around in the order you prefer and even hide columns you don’t need to see. Our more advanced load board plans even let you view like loads side-by-side on the same page for fast and easy comparison. The best load board lets you work the way you want.
See for yourself
A carrier stands between two trailers and checks the Truckstop Load Board for gooseneck trailer loads.

Hot shot gooseneck owner-operators are in a hurry. They need technology that helps them act fast.

A carrier checks the Truckstop Load Board for gooseneck trailer loads.

If the early bird gets the worm, the hot shot carrier who responds the fastest gets the good load. This has never been truer in freight transportation then it is today. Consumers demand their goods at record pace, vendors, manufacturers, and retailers compete to make it happen, brokers “post and pray” to find a qualified gooseneck carrier who can hit the ground running, and the carrier brings it all to fruition.

A carrier checks the Truckstop Load Board for gooseneck trailer loads.

To keep pace and help brokers and carriers who operate gooseneck trailer equipment stay ahead of the curve—and the ticking clock—the Truckstop gooseneck trailer load board features an instant load booking solution, Book It Now. You can download the Truckstop Go™ mobile app to your cell phone or find Book It Now loads for gooseneck right from your desktop computer or tablet.

The point is, you have control; of the device you choose, of the loads you accept, and the rate you’re willing to accept. What’s more, you have control of where and when you choose to book your load, including outside broker business hours and on weekends and evenings.

Truckstop Book It Now
  • A broker adds you as a preferred Book It Now carrier, allowing you instant access to book their loads.
  • The load is posted with accurate load details and information up front —including the rate—before you ever book.
  • You see a gooseneck load you want, it ticks all the boxes, and you’re happy with the posted rate
  • With a few clicks, you book it!

In fact, carriers who used Book It Now earned an average of $200 more per load over a given time period. You don’t need us to tell you that’s quite a haul over time. Book It Now is free to carriers who use our load board.

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We give you tools, you make the decisions.

A laptop screen shows the truck/lane posting feature of Truckstop.

When you choose the Truckstop Load Board, you get unlimited posting on one of the nation’s most trusted load boards, the one source you need to find the right gooseneck loads and get higher rates. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A laptop screen shows the truck/lane posting feature of Truckstop.

You get tools that help you strategize every haul (quickly and easily), so you can make a higher profit. From truck-to-load ratio and truck activity by origin and destination, the data we provide helps you decide where to go to make the most money for the miles you drive and gives you information you can lean on in broker negotiations.

It’s decision tools like this, and more, that make a load board worth the monthly cash outlay. Do the math, and do it again, and you’ll find that even in “worst case scenario,” the best load board quickly pays for itself many times over and is well worth the return on investment.

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For starters, you avoid the large cash outlay required to purchase and own a large rig or semi-truck. Running gooseneck loads can give you a feel for the business to see if it’s right for you. It’s an easier way to get into trucking than taking on the financial burden of a big rig.

You need a heavy-duty pickup to pull a removable gooseneck trailer. You can own a removable gooseneck trailer or use your pickup truck to haul gooseneck flatbed trailers owned by a shipper or broker or other party.