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Keep your equipment moving fast with drop and hook loads.

Drop and hook loads can be a great way to keep your trucks rolling. The Truckstop Load Board is your one-stop shop to find the drop and hook freight you want, regardless of your equipment type or the lanes you prefer.

  • Find high-paying drop and hook loads.
  • Work with trusted brokers and shippers.
  • Get all the tools you need to plan your route and negotiate the best rates.
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Go where the loads are.

Don’t waste your time switching between different apps and load boards. On the Truckstop Load Board, you’ll find loads from a variety of trustworthy, carefully vetted shippers and brokers who are ready to get your trucks on the road. And our suite of products gives you everything you need to create long-term working relationships.

  • See broker credit scores, average days to pay, and more.
  • Simplify your billing process and get paid faster.
  • View spot rates and long-term trends to engage in better negotiations.
  • Plan your route, right down to the fuel stops.
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It doesn’t matter what you drive!

On the Truckstop Load Board, you’ll find drop and hook loads for all kinds of equipment types. Whether you operate a dry van, a reefer, or even a flatbed, you’ll find drop and hook loads to keep your equipment moving. You can also post your truck so that brokers and shippers know you’re available to take loads.

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The time you spend searching for loads and negotiating rates is time that your trucks aren’t on the road. When time is of the essence, wouldn’t it be great to simply find a load and book it on the spot? Now you can, with the Truckstop Book It Now feature.

You’ll see all the load details you need up front, including the rate. When you’re ready, just a few clicks will make the load yours—even if it’s outside the broker’s business hours. What could be simpler?

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In drop and hook trucking, the driver simply drops off a full trailer and hooks up a pre-loaded trailer at the same location. Drivers can lose a lot of time waiting for their equipment to be unloaded and reloaded, so drop and hook trucking can help keep trucks rolling faster. It also works well for many shippers, since they can pre-load trailers whenever it’s convenient.
With a live load, the driver has to show up during a designated time window and wait for the truck to be unloaded and reloaded. It’s not uncommon for drivers to spend upwards of three hours dealing with a live load. Drop and hook isn’t always perfect—the new trailer might be positioned behind other trailers or even stored offsite, making it necessary to wait for assistance. But it’s rare for a drop and hook to take more than an hour to complete.
If everything goes well, a drop and hook could take just a few minutes. Even with delays, it’s rare to spend more than an hour at a facility. This is significant since live loads can often take three hours or longer.
Like most drivers, drop and hook truckers are typically paid by the mile. Since drop and hook usually takes less time at the dock than a live load, drop and hook truckers may be able to drive more miles in a day, earning a higher paycheck.