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Truckstop.com Partners with Transport Pro to Offer Carriers Integrated Load Searching

Transport Pro
Truckstop.com, leader in freight matching and load board solutions, has announced an exciting new integration with Transport Pro, a leading Transportation Management System (TMS) provider that services brokers and asset-based companies. This integration tool gives Transport Pro’s carrier customers the ability to search for available loads in one location, saving time and improving efficiency.

Transport Pro’s load searching feature allows carriers to search for available loads posted on Truckstop.com directly from their Freight Operation Dashboard.

Users can search for loads based on origin, destination, equipment type, and pickup dates. Transport Pro will pull real-time load information from Truckstop.com and display up-to-date data such as load age, origin and destination, contact details, and more. If the carrier wants to cover a load, they just enter the load into Transport Pro and dispatch it.

“This new integration gives our users real-time access to Truckstop.com loads in two mouse clicks,” says Kelly Frederick, Director of Sales and Marketing for Transport Pro. “This is a time saver for carrier customers looking to quickly find available freight without having to log into multiple load board sites. We’re excited for this new integration with Truckstop.com and look forward giving our customers a better experience.”

This integration is currently available for Transport Pro customers and aims to provide carriers the ability to customize their search and cover loads in a timely manner.

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Transport Pro

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