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6 Best Trucker Trip Planners for 2021

best truck trip planners for 2021

Truckers must accomplish many tasks every single day. They have client deadlines to meet for shipping but must also stay safe on the road, make sure their truck is maintained and operating at peak efficiency, and they must also take time for self-care. That’s where a good trucker trip planner comes in. But creating an

2020 At A Glance

2020 at a glance

As we kick off 2021, we want to take a moment to celebrate and thank all the amazing men and women who supported us through one of the weirdest and most challenging years in recent memory. Thanks to you and your continued dedication, critical medical supplies were delivered, shelves were stocked, building materials were shipped,

Freight Broker Salary: How Much Do Brokers Make Each Year?

freight broker salary

Unlike many salaried jobs in the United States, freight broker income is harder to determine. That’s because there are several ways a freight broker can be employed and get paid. The location also has a huge impact on freight broker salary.  Looking online, freight broker incomes range widely from $42,926 (payscale.com) to $93,618 per year (indeed.com).

6 Steps to Get a Freight Broker License

6 Steps to get a freight broker license

If you want to act as a freight broker, matching goods that need to be shipped with trucking companies that do the shipping, you will need a freight broker license, AKA a load broker license. Freight brokers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the requirements can be confusing. Fortunately, all

15 Steps to Start a Hotshot Trucking Business

how to start a hot shot trucking business

What is hotshot trucking? At its simplest, hotshot trucking means hauling smaller (less-than-truckload or LTL) loads. They are often time-sensitive and usually delivered to a single destination. For example, if a construction company needs a specific piece of equipment delivered from one job site to another, they will often “hotshot” it, hiring a driver to

How to Create a Trucking Business Plan

How to create a trucking business plan

In his book Bounce Back: Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis, author and long-time business broker Richard Mowrey advises: “Never operate your business without a written business plan.” If you have a trucking business, even as an owner/operator, you need a business plan just like any other small business. If you’re like many trucker

5 Tips for Managing Paperwork as an Owner-Operator in the Trucking Industry

5 tricks for managing paperwork in the trucking industry

When you decided to start your career as an owner-operator in the trucking industry, you probably didn’t envision hours and hours of paperwork. But the truth is that as a business owner, you can’t avoid all paperwork. Especially when you want to get paid, submitting paperwork (invoicing) efficiently is important.  At Truckstop.com, we are committed