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The successful freight broker’s guide to load tracking


It’s suggested that 87% of Shippers want to work with freight partners who provide freight visibility. Makes sense, right? I mean successful freight transactions don’t appear in a vacuum (not even when you’re brokering vacuums). Did you know Truckstop Pro broker users get free, unlimited load tracking? And if you’re not a Pro user, it’s

Eight So-Called “Facts” About Load Tracking That Aren’t Actually True

By Erika Meissner-Cortez Whether it’s related to HOS rules, logbooks, or IFTA, there are a lot of myths surrounding the trucking industry. Unfortunately, our Load Tracking service is no exception. Check out some of the most-commonly cited falsehoods about Truckstop.com’s Load Tracking. 1. The app lets brokers track me even when I’m not carrying a