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How to Get on Shipper’s Lists: 11 Insights for Freight Brokers

What Shippers need to hear from Brokers

As a freight broker, finding new shipper leads can be a challenge. The ones on your shippers list with excellent reputations and constant volume typically have their lanes covered. Others have their own trucks. Many new brokers struggle to get on daily load lists, let alone on the phone with a shipper.

So when you get the ear of a shipper, you need to make the most of it and be crystal clear about what you can provide to them that they don’t currently have.

What are you waiting for? Find capacity and increase margins. Buy now.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 things a shipper needs to hear from you before hiring you.

1. Your modes and lanes

What types of trucks can you easily access? What lanes do your best drivers cover? Do you have experience in alternative shipping modes such as air and rail? Having some tricks up your sleeve to move 911 freight will come in handy and help you increase your sales numbers, so be specific.

2. How long you’ve been in the shipping business

Shippers will typically ask this, so be prepared to answer the question. If you’re a newer broker, highlight your previous experience in the trucking industry and the most recent accomplishments in your tenure. Were you a driver? Have you gone through any special training programs? Consider becoming a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, which has a strict code of ethics you can mention.

3. You’re FMCSA licensed and bonded

You’d be shocked by how many brokers try to break into the market without having proof they are licensed and bonded.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires freight brokers to hold a $75,000 surety bond before they’ll provide a freight broker license. It doesn’t cost you $75,000 to get a surety bond, but you’ll pay an annual bond premium. If you don’t have a bond, start the process to get one right away. Depending on your credit situation, a $75,000 surety bond costs between $562 and $7,500 annually.

4. You have contingent cargo insurance

The shipper needs to know that if a carrier can’t cover a claim, you’ll have their back in the case of lost or damaged freight.

Contingent cargo insurance for freight brokers and freight agents covers complicated claims between shippers and carriers. Insurance companies might deny cargo insurance claims, or the shipper or carrier might fail to meet their obligations to the other parties. Contingent cargo insurance is a safety net that freight brokers carry to protect the shipper’s interests.

Cargo Insurance gives you the standardized cargo coverage you need with a hassle-free claims process.

5. A quote for your rates and lanes

Make sure to include all accessorial charges so they can compare apples to apples. Use Truckstop’s Rate Analysis to compare your rates to the industry, see trends over time, and analyze opportunities.

6. How you source capacity

With the current carrier shortage, shippers want to know that their brokers can quickly and reliably uncover capacity to move various load types. As a freight broker, one of the critical functions of your job is to make sure you have access to reliable carriers to move loads.

Source carriers and negotiate with multiple carriers at once to get loads covered in record time with the Truckstop Load Board.

7. How you select your carriers

While it’s crucial to let your prospects know that you check insurance and CDL when you vet carriers, they’ll also be glad to see that you verify all of your carriers’ credentials, as well as their safety rating and compliance status.

RMIS Carrier Onboarding helps you qualify and onboard quality carriers efficiently instead of the time-consuming task of manually vetting every carrier hire. With RMIS, users can dramatically speed up the process with automated tools that help mitigate risk for shippers and brokers.

8. How you ensure ongoing compliance

Show shippers that compliance goes beyond initial onboarding. Let them know that you have reliable systems in place to track carrier compliance in real-time to mitigate risk.

With Truckstop Carrier Monitoring, you can monitor unlimited carriers in your TMS. Custom email alerts let you know about insurance lapses, safety ratings, and more.

9. You invoice accurately and on-time

A shipper previously burned by a poorly organized broker wants to know that you respect their time. Sending correct invoices on time could be the differentiating factor that wins you new business.

When you use ITS Dispatch, a TMS for Brokers, you can create invoices with a single click. The system integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks to help you streamline your entire process. Create detailed carrier payables, send clear customer agreements, and email loan sheets directly from the platform.

10. Your carriers pick up and deliver on time

Many shippers will stick with a trusted broker even if the rates are higher simply because they have a relationship built on trust and can depend on the loads.

11. You’re available around the clock

Shippers run their businesses 24/7. Convince new leads you can get their loads from point A to point B. They want to know that you will troubleshoot loads, move 911 loads, and pass on critical information from the carrier when needed, even if that means working outside “normal” business hours.

Truckstop helps brokers innovate, automate and dominate to stay on shippers lists.

Truckstop is committed to supporting freight brokers with technology that allows brokers to quickly search lanes, source and vet carriers, monitor compliance, and streamline operations. Trust Truckstop to provide you with a competitive operational advantage.

Truckstop is moving the freight industry forward with innovative software designed to help brokers access trusted carriers so they can win new business. Schedule a demo today to see how our broker solutions could help you take your business to the next level.

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