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Using Technology to Ease Supply Chain Congestion

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Truckstop Reflects on the Importance of Data During National Transportation Week

As a nation, National Transportation Week is a dedicated time to celebrate the hardworking people in transportation who continue to push America forward, even during the toughest of times. Carriers work daily to deliver food to grocery stores and medicine to hospitals. Nearly everything in your home was delivered by truck.

As we consider this week, we’d be remiss not to mention the toll that the pandemic and supply-chain congestion has taken on the resilience and perseverance of the nation’s carriers. Truckstop wants to acknowledge the essential work of carriers during this important week. Through a survey of 500 owner/operators conducted at the end of February 2022, Truckstop sought to learn more about what carriers are experiencing, revealing significant challenges for the industry and the carriers.

More than half of those surveyed feel that their job is appreciated, and it most certainly is, but that comes at a cost. More than two-thirds of those surveyed feel pressure to work longer hours. They worry about the impact on consumers getting goods on time and where the trucking industry is headed in the near future. COVID-19 not only resulted in longer hours, but 68% of carriers are now limiting where they pick up and haul freight due to concerns over virus spread.

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Carriers want to help alleviate port congestion, supply chain delays, and frustration consumers feel by not getting the goods they want on time. Truckstop provides solutions to help them find freight quickly, simplify their day by reducing tedious tasks, and focus on getting goods delivered on time. Our technology makes every second count, which is even more critical as the smartphone is fast becoming a carrier’s best friend. According to our survey, nearly half use a mobile app to do their jobs. More than 60% use apps for freight matching or to find loads, with another 59% checking spot rates. Apps are also helping with back-end operations: 58% of carriers use tech to get paid faster and eliminate the paperwork that typically takes up precious transport time.

Technology is playing a much more important role in freight movement beyond shippers and brokers. Carriers are embracing mobile apps to organize their businesses and become more competitive as spot rates stay above average and supply chain issues reduce available loads in some areas. Load boards like Truckstop are critical to a carrier’s long-term success.

Knowing how integral technology is to the industry, Truckstop released a next generation app. The app, Truckstop Go™, helps carriers find loads in real time, book loads instantly, charge competitive rates, and get paid quickly, all through a fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate mobile app that puts productivity in the palm of carriers’ hands.

Driver using Rate Insights to get the best rates.

In addition, Truckstop launched Rate Insights – a first-of-its-kind tool giving that gives customers the power to competitively price and negotiate rates. Now, carrier customers can negotiate rates and stay competitive in the spot market with Truckstop Rate Insights, easing supply chain issues one day at a time. The only spot market rate tool using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more accurate, same-day rate estimates at the load level.

As we acknowledge how critical the transportation industry is in our country, Truckstop is proud to support the industry by working with carriers, brokers, and shippers to provide them with useful tools and data to help them work more efficiently.  

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