Are you a Pro?

If you’ve been a user for any amount of time, you know that we are constantly upgrading and enhancing our freight matching platform to better meet the needs of our dynamic industry.

Truckstop Pro offers a number of valuable features that are sure to add $$$ to your bottom line, including a few that have only recently been added.

Load Tracking

Now you can avoid the dreaded, “Where is my freight?” call from your customers. Truckstop Pro includes 100 free tracks with our innovative visibility solution, Load Tracking. With Load Tracking, you can include tracking on every shipment. No need for expensive equipment or technology, Load Tracking leverages something we carry with us every day: our smartphones. All a driver needs is the Truckstop Mobile smartphone app and an invitation from a broker, via text message, to participate.

Track every load or just those few critical shipments. Plus, at $1 per-load after your initial 100, Load Tracking is an economical way to keep track of your business. Load Tracking includes automatic hourly updates or request status anytime at no extra cost. Competing solutions can cost as much as $7 per-load, plus additional fees, to obtain on-demand updates.

Real-Time Updates

While not a new feature of Truckstop Pro, real-time data updates on available loads and trucks is a key differentiator from our other subscription levels. Whether you’re a carrier or a broker, time is money. A minute can feel like a lifetime when you are watching the clock, and waiting for your freight marketplace to refresh is no different – 60 seconds can mean the difference between winning business and losing out to a faster competitor. Only with Truckstop Pro is your freight marketplace updated in real time. In fact, our research has shown that a strong broker load can get more than 50 views in the first minute of posting – that’s 50 more opportunities to get your load covered.

Load Insights

If you’re a broker, what could be better than instant feedback on the loads you post? With Load Insights, you can view the popularity of your loads based on views, and make adjustments or see how you compare with competing loads in the same lane. Did you know that loads with a payment listed are six times more likely to be picked up than loads without?

With other freight marketplaces, the best you can do is “post and pray,” simply hoping your load has what it takes to get covered quickly. With Load Insights on Truckstop Pro, you will know if your load is considered good quality by the market. This allows you to focus on those loads that need your attention, while the others take care of themselves.

As the leader in the freight matching industry, understands the competitive challenges you face on a daily basis. That’s why we are always seeking better ways to improve your freight matching experience with faster speeds, cost-effective technology, and smarter business intelligence.

Don’t be left in the dust by your competitors, upgrade to Truckstop Pro today.