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Aljex Software Integrates with Truckstop.com Web Services

Truckstop.com and Aljex Software Inc. have joined forces with the integration of Aljex and Truckstop.com’s web services.
Aljex joined Truckstop.com’s integrated partners June 20 and will take advantage of Truckstop.com’s CACCI program, as well as load posting, load searching, OnBoarding, RateMate, truck posting and truck searching.
“Aljex Software’s integration with Truckstop.com is a win-win situation,” said Truckstop.com Chief Sales Officer Bill Vitti. “Aljex has proven time and again that it is a customer-oriented business with its cloud-based logistics software and Truckstop.com is the perfect fit for that operation. It is a perfect fit to have Truckstop.com integrated into the Aljex system.”
Aljex’s transportation management software (TMS) for freight brokers is available anywhere at any time and is versatile, adjustable and easy to use. Its web-based system for carriers is fast and easy and now, with the integration with Truckstop.com’s web system, Aljex can offer even more in the way of OnBoarding carriers, truck and load posting and searching and Truckstop.com’s unique CACCI program.
“Aljex customers love the dashboard working style,” said Robyn Freeman, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Aljex. “More Truckstop.com tools mean better information for quick decisions with the click of a mouse. Integrated Truckstop.com tools suit their fast-paced, dashboard working style.”

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