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A Broker’s Guide: How to Automate Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring

brokers in the office

In the broker industry, carriers are more than the people who move products safely on a deadline. As part of your transportation team, they’re also an extension of the services you, as the broker, provide to your clients. An honest, trustworthy, qualified carrier can go a long way to growing and maintaining your reputation among

Accelerate Carrier Onboarding Without Cutting Corners

broker compliance

When it comes to your freight brokering business, what keeps you up at night? Is it finding qualified capacity so you can cover more loads and increase your profitability? Given today’s exceedingly tight capacity and ongoing carrier shortage, it’s no wonder. According to ATA, the trucking industry today needs more than 1.1 million new drivers

Aljex Software Integrates with Truckstop.com Web Services

Truckstop.com and Aljex Software Inc. have joined forces with the integration of Aljex and Truckstop.com’s web services. Aljex joined Truckstop.com’s integrated partners June 20 and will take advantage of Truckstop.com’s CACCI program, as well as load posting, load searching, OnBoarding, RateMate, truck posting and truck searching. “Aljex Software’s integration with Truckstop.com is a win-win situation,”