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Truckstop Shines a Spotlight on ImPAWsters During Take Your Pet to Work Week

Truckstop Pet Badge - Luna owned by Ben, Co-pilot.

This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

BOISE, Idaho, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of Take Your Pet to Work Week (June 17-21), Truckstop conducted an online survey of more than 450 of their carrier customers which found that identity verification is necessary even for pets, as 53% of carrier pet owners believe it’s important to confirm the credentials of pet services (like groomers, walkers) before using them.

The survey also highlights the strong bond between carriers and their pets, as 66% are pet owners, and among these, more than one-third have modified their trucks to accommodate their pets.

Truckstop’s ‘Pet Verification’

This week, transportation professionals can have their furry or feathery friends ‘verified’ by Truckstop and show off their badges for a good cause. For each image shared on social media, Truckstop will donate $20 to a pet charity (up to $500). Visit to participate.

The survey found that 42% of carriers who own pets like to travel with them – of those, 86% travel with their dog. Truckstop customer and owner-operator Sam Bissonnette takes his two Belgian shepherds, Denver and Dallas, on the road with him. While en route from Georgia to Canada, Denver saw a deer and chased it into the woods during a pit stop. After a couple of nerve-wracking weeks and multiple visits to the area where he had run off, they were finally reunited. Tune in to hear more about Sam’s story in a special edition of Freight Nation: A Trucking Podcast debuting tomorrow.

“As an owner-operator, the long hours on the road can be tough, but having my dogs with me changes everything. They aren’t just pets; they’re my companions and co-pilots,” said Bissonnette. “Their unwavering loyalty and companionship keep me motivated and give me a sense of home while I travel. I can’t imagine life on the road without them by my side.”

While the pet verification initiative is designed for entertainment, the company remains deeply committed to combatting fraud in the freight industry. Identity Verification helps stop fraud and eliminate identity theft by letting brokers easily see if a carrier is who they say they are through a simple-to-understand badge. The solution combines government-issued IDs and real-time photographs to perform a check against the carrier’s registered information, giving brokers the ability to book carriers with more confidence.

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