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Introducing the Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace: A Comprehensive Transportation and Logistics Ecosystem Empowering the Freight Community

Person using the Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace.

This article was originally published on PR Cision Newswire.

BOISE, Idaho, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recognition of National Logistics Day and National Insurance Day taking place today, Truckstop announced the launch of the Truckstop Partner Marketplace. The comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace provides a trusted ecosystem of products, solutions, and integrations that is designed to help partners, carriers, brokers and shippers keep their businesses moving forward.

The Truckstop Partner Marketplace is comprised of both industry and technology partners in several business categories including financial services, insurance providers, TMS (Transportation Management System) integrations, fuel card providers and more.

“Truckstop.com has a rich history of building strong relationships which span technology and industry partners. For more than 27 years we have established ourselves as the most trusted solutions provider for carriers, brokers and shippers,” said Craig Varljen, vice president partnerships and alliances, Truckstop.com. “The Truckstop Partner Marketplace is a new ecosystem of partner driven solutions that add value to the entire freight and logistics industry. This creates synergies at the center of the entire transportation market.”

Truckstop.com has proven to be a trusted service and industry partner since its inception, with the new Partner Marketplace providing a convenient rolodex of other reputable businesses in the industry benefiting carriers, brokers and shippers.

“A unique aspect of the freight transportation industry is that it’s collegial in nature,” said Bruno Stanziale, chief executive officer and chairman of GoToro. “Nobody exemplifies this united purpose more than Truckstop and by joining their partner marketplace we are able to better serve this community together.”

Initial marketplace offerings and partnerships include, but are not limited to, the following:

Partners can choose from three listing tiers – each designed to provide a curated benefits package. This can include an array of benefits ranging from a partner listing in the Partner Marketplace portal to mutual enablement and co-marketing activities.

Mobile users will be able to access the Truckstop Partner Marketplace from the Truckstop Go™ mobile app. 

For more information about the Truckstop Partner Marketplace or how to become a partner, please visit https://marketplace.truckstop.com.

About Truckstop.com 
Truckstop.com is a trusted partner for carriers, brokers, and shippers – empowering the freight community through a platform of innovative solutions for the entire freight lifecycle to increase efficiency, automate processes, and accelerate growth. As one of the industry’s largest neutral freight marketplaces, Truckstop provides the customer service as well as scale of quality loads and trucks to give customers of all sizes, whether on the road or in the office, the transparency and freedom to build lasting relationships and grow their businesses. To learn how Truckstop is helping move the freight community forward, visit https://truckstop.com.