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Keep the truck loads coming with the one tool owner operators shouldn’t be without, the Truckstop Load Board.

Ilia Jakeli, a Truckstop customer, using his smartphone to find and book truck loads on the load board.

Get fast and easy access to the kind of loads you need to make more money. With our intuitive design, advanced searching and filtering capabilities, and innovative rates tools, it’s the only load board you need to find the right truck loads available for you and your trucking operation. Not only do we have an unprecedented volume of all types of loads, we have the quality of loads that you need, plus additional features to help you grow your business and make a profit. And because we seek insight from carriers and owner-operators to build our products, our technology moves smooth and fast, so you can get out of the office and on the road. You can even do business on the road, and waste no time by using the Truckstop Go™ mobile app.

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Plenty of good-paying loads, refreshed in real time.

Relationships that go the distance. Easy-to-use technology tools that save you time and money. When it comes to keeping your reefer moving, the Truckstop Load Board has you covered.

Choose the right plan for your business.


Everything you need to start finding and booking loads now.

$42 *


  • doneLoad Searching info
  • doneTruck/Lane Posting info
  • doneDecision Tools info
  • doneBook It Now info
  • doneRoute Map info


Everything in Basic plus tools to weed out slow-paying brokers.

$135 *


  • Includes everything in Basic, plus:
  • doneFuel Desk info
  • doneCredit Stop Broker info


Level up your profits with tools that make it easy to make more on every load.

$159 *


  • Includes everything in Advanced, plus:
  • doneLoad Alert Notifications info
  • doneLoad Comparison info
  • doneReal-Time Updates info
  • doneRate Insights info
  • doneHeat Map info
  • doneBest-Paying Loads Search info
  • doneMulti-Trip info

** Price per user. Up to 3 users.

* Amount shown excludes applicable fees & taxes.

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Make more money starting now.

Find Loads

Find available truck loads without losing your mind!

How many load boards and freight matching apps do you use?
Find truck loads using Truckstop.

Does this scenario ring a bell? You search through four or five load boards trying to find truck freight loads that match your capabilities, your preferences, and an acceptable rate. Then you have to re-trace your steps and rely on memory to find the available loads with potential. By the time you narrow it down, the load or loads you call on are all taken—or you find out the date you were relying on to make your decision is inaccurate or outdated. Now it’s back to the beginning. Put an end spinning your wheels and instead get your wheels turning. The Truckstop Load Board has all the freight loads from all the freight brokers—all verified to be legitimate. You can even compare loads side-by-side to decide which one checks the most boxes.

  • Filter loads by broker, equipment type, lane.
  • Get highly accurate, current rate data.
  • Book it from wherever you are, even outside broker business hours.
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Find truck loads using Truckstop Go mobile or desktop app.

Find the right freight loads for you.

High load and freight volume is great, but you can only haul one load at a time. The critical difference is how to search and find the right loads for your unique needs—and fast.
Truck driver that finds truck loads using Truckstop load board.

More loads are a great thing for a load board to have. But better loads make all the difference! You won’t find junk on our load board. Our brokers are verified, our loads are legit, and our data is the best in the industry. This means you can work smarter instead of harder. If you go the extra mile (our load board can get you there), you’ll find loads in lanes that help you avoid deadheading, you’ll make sure your rate-per-mile exceeds your cost-per-mile, and you’ll use our advanced features to save time and money. In short, our load board drives success, so you can drive home for those important holidays, birthdays, and family time.

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Of course, our load board helps you find loads for your truck. But it does a lot more, too.

Find quality brokers and shippers` and build lasting relationships. Find ways to cut costs and improve profits. Find out what rates you can ask for with confidence.
Ilia Jakeli finds truck loads using the Truckstop laod board.

Our business has been helping carriers search for and find loads for more than 25 years, since our founder designed a better way by introducing one of the first online load boards. Innovative technology was the driver then, as it is now. We work to harness the power of technology to give you the tools to do your job at the pace of the industry, which moves faster than ever and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. We’re the one solution that goes above and beyond to help you find posted truck loads, and in real time. We help you build a business.

  • Unlimited searching and posting on the Internet’s most trusted load board.
  • Decision tools that help you gauge negotiation strength and get higher rates.
  • Features that help optimize your fuel usage and save money.
  • Data that empowers you to choose brokers based on history, credit scores, days to pay, and more.
  • Instant load booking that allows you to see a rate and accept a load without making phone calls.
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Ilia Jakeli finds truck loads using the Truckstop laod board.


Your job is complicated enough. With so many things to keep track of and worry about, having just one load board—one single source to find all the truck loads you’ll ever need—seems like a no-brainer. The Truckstop Load Board gives you the volume and scale you need, the quality that gets you on the road, and the freedom of choice you want, so you don’t yourself waste time looking for loads all over the Internet and on different apps. Since time is critical in the trucking business, avoid the rabbit hole of looking everywhere but going nowhere.