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What is Your Broker Bond Doing for You?

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As a successful broker, you already know you’re required by law to hold a broker bond. You also understand that not all bonds are created equal. As a matter of fact, there are some bond companies that are outright fraudulent, and not worth the paper they’re printed on. These bond services will take your money, but leave you high and dry in the event you actually need them.

Certainly, most bonds will help you fulfill the requirement of the law, but why not choose the one that helps you actually market and grow your business? More than 1,000 successful brokers have chosen ITS Financial Services’ (ITSFS) Diamond Broker Bond, which not only satisfies the requirement of the law but offers you so much more.

Advertise your good name

The Diamond Broker Bond offers you a distinct marketing advantage over your competition with visibility to more than 800,000 carriers on the Truckstop.com load board — giving assurances to carriers regarding your credit, performance history and the quality of your bond. Carriers can sort their board by the strength of the bond offered, and make decisions based on who’s load they want to take.

Stay informed

The support staff at ITSFS will monitor your credit score and provide change notifications, along with assistance in protecting and improving your credit score. Most bond services do not offer this service, and your credit may slip without you noticing — potentially costing you business.

Get the support you need

Another issue prevalent with bond services is cancellation without notice. If you have a nonpayment claim against you for whatever reason, your bond can be cancelled without your knowledge, leaving you unable to operate. The ITSFS team will not only notify you and help with processing nonpayment claims, they will help you resolve them — your bond will never be cancelled without notice.

Strength and stability matter

Savvy carriers know that a weak bond provider is less likely to pay a claim if a claim is filed against that bond. The ITSFS Diamond Broker bond is an A+ Superior-Rated bond backed by a strong underwriting group (Roanoke Trade). With 80-plus years in the industry, you can rest assured your bond is held by a company with stability and financial strength.

Don’t just choose any bond to satisfy requirements — look around at your options and choose a bond that does more. See more about Truckstop’s Diamond Broker Bond Program.

For more information, contact Garth Dixon at 208-600-6573.

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