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Grow your business with our industry-recognized symbol of performance. The Diamond Broker Bond designation appears on your loads, delivering valuable assurances to Carriers regarding credit, performance history, and the quality of the bond.

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Credit score monitoring

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Get ITSFS monitoring, change notification, days-to-pay, and experience factor ratings.

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The Diamond Broker Bond Membership status and logo appear with the credit reporting service.

Quality, vetted bond issuances

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BMC-84 Surety Bonds A+ (Sup.) rated; BMC-85 Trust Fund Bonds; BCM-85 Trust Guarantee Bonds, SDDC/DOT Bonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with Trust Fund Agreements (BMC-85’s) either party may cancel the agreement with 30 days notice. With surety bonds (BMC-84’s) similar cancellation provisions are available. On the bottom of the BMC-85 form is the Notice of Cancellation. The Broker can forward to the FMCSA at the address listed or instruct their current Trustee to file electronically on their behalf.

When the new bond is filed before cancellation of the old bond the old bond is reported as “replaced” in the Broker’s “Insurance History.” The new bond is shown in the Brokers “Active/Pending Insurance” within two business days following bond approval.

Your bond and the administration of that bond remain in full effect. The only change would be the designation provided on the Truckstop.com website. ITS Financial Services, LLC will notify you of the change and provide advice on restoring your rating. A lowering of the credit rating may affect future bond pricing.

No, unlike some firms who charge as much as $250 per claim, our policy is to charge no fee for claims or inquiries.

Property Broker bonds on this site are provided and serviced by Roanoke Underwriting, a division of Roanoke Insurance Group Inc., Managing General Underwriter for American Alternative Insurance Corporation. A bond quote is not binding unless the applicant receives written confirmation of approval via this system or via a licensed Roanoke Underwriting employee. This system is designed and brought to you by ITS Financial Services, LLC.