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Truckstop Releases Oversize Rate Quotes

Oversize Rates Module
Oversize Rates calculates all the possible costs related to your load.

Based on data from more than 300,000 over-size, over-dimensional, and out-of-gauge load rates, Truckstop.com now brings you a new tool to calculate the costs of properly permitting and escorting your oversize loads.

Oversize Rates entering a load
Oversize Rates is based on the specifics of your load.
  • Eliminate the guesswork
  • Pay just $3 per quote
  • Based on your actual origin, destination
  • Customize your dimensions, mode and tarping

The Complete Rate Breakdown
As little as 1 inch wider, taller, or longer can mean a substantial price difference based on trailer needed, permit, and escort requirements. More than just a market average, your quote is based on current market conditions and breaks down your actual cost.
Get the information you need to ship oversize loads. Simply log in to Truckstop.com and view any load, or visit the “My Products” menu, and find “Oversize Rates”. You can enter your origin/destination right away, and when you get your results you’ll find a $3 charge per quote on your next month’s bill. If you don’t have a Truckstop.com account Sign Up here.

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