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Truckstop Releases Oversize Rate Quotes

Based on data from more than 300,000 over-size, over-dimensional, and out-of-gauge load rates, Truckstop.com now brings you a new tool to calculate the costs of properly permitting and escorting your oversize loads. Eliminate the guesswork Pay just $3 per quote Based on your actual origin, destination Customize your dimensions, mode and tarping The Complete Rate Breakdown

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Truckstop Pro Release Notes: Improved Functionality on Load Insights

Truckstop.com recently launched an enhancement to the Load Insights feature on our freight marketplace. Load Insights provides competitive, same-lane benchmarking of a posted load based on views and pricing. Load offer pricing adjustments can then be made based on marketplace rank.Our most recent Load Insights enhancement shows brokers how changes in payment offer prices affect the

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