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Truckstop launches Truckstop Partner Marketplace: Your comprehensive source for transportation and logistics needs

Truckstop is excited to announce the launch of the new Truckstop Partner Marketplace. This comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace provides a hand-picked selection of products, solutions, and integrations designed to help carriers, brokers and shippers move their businesses forward.

Partner Marketplace Preview

Partner Marketplace

The most comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace in North America.

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The Truckstop Partner Marketplace includes industry and technology partners in several business categories including financial services, insurance providers,TMS (Transportation Management System) integrations, fuel card providers and more.

“Truckstop.com has a rich history of building strong relationships which span technology and industry partners. For more than 27 years we’ve established ourselves as the most trusted solutions provider for carriers, brokers, and shippers,” said Craig Varljen, vice president of partnerships and alliances.

“The Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace is a new ecosystem of partner driven solutions that add value to the entire freight and logistics industry. This creates synergies at the center of the entire transportation market.”

For more than 25 years, Truckstop has been a trusted service and industry partner. The new Partner Marketplace provides a convenient way for customers to engage with other reputable businesses in the industry, benefiting our carrier, shipper, and broker customers.

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Our Partners

Partners can choose from three listing tiers – each designed to provide a curated benefits package. This can include an array of benefits ranging from a partner listing in the Partner Marketplace portal to mutual enablement and co-marketing activities.

Mobile users can access the Truckstop Partner Marketplace from the Truckstop Go™ mobile app.

For more information about the Truckstop Partner Marketplace or how to become a partner, please visit https://marketplace.truckstop.com.

Person using marketplace on their laptop.

Please join the team at Truckstop in welcoming our Truckstop Marketplace Partners.

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

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