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Truckstop.com Announces Post and Search Integration with Pegasys

Truckstop.com announces integration

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Truckstop is pleased to announce a new integration with Pegasys. Pegasys is the only transportation management system (TMS) on the market that supports mobile, tablet, phone, laptop and all operating systems. The new integration pairs Pegasys’ cutting-edge technology with Truckstop Truck Search, Truck post, Load Search and Load Post, giving Pegasys customers access to North America’s most-trusted digital freight marketplace.

The integration results in more seamless workflows for Pegasys users, allowing truck and load posting and searching from the transportation management software, saving users time and increasing efficiency.

Truckstop Integration Bundles allow companies to grow their bottom line by integrating powerful tools directly into their native TMS.

“We’re very excited to partner with Truckstop.com, starting with the search and post capabilities of loads and trucks,” said Wade Brown, Product Manager, Pegasys. “Seamlessly integrating into Pegasys TMS, available loads and trucks are visible with a click of a button, allowing users to engage carriers/customers without disruptively leaving their main operating system. This is just the start of where we want to take things, with solutions provided by Truckstop.”

The Pegasys transportation management platform gives customers the ability to fully customize their experience through a variety of apps, custom tools and an intuitive API, allowing them to manage mileage, trips, locations, directions and expenses for company truck and brokered carrier-based dispatches.

Are you looking to integrate with Truckstop solutions to improve the workflow of your customers? Visit https://truckstop.com/product/integrations/ and fill out the form to schedule a meeting with our integration experts.

About Pegasys Solutions

Pegasys is a provider of cloud-based software solutions that enable transportation companies of all sizes to streamline and scale their business. Pegasys believes in accessibility. No limitations on device or operating system. An ever-growing app marketplace provides customers the hooks to the tools they’re already using to supplement their TMS. Priced monthly at $25 per user, new features and enhancements will never be hidden behind product tiering, with our all-in pricing model. To learn more visit www.pegasys.app.

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