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Truckstop.com Announces Load Post Integration with EZ Loader TMS

Truckstop.com is pleased to announce a new integration with EZ Loader TMS, a cloud-based load management platform built for 3PLs. The Load Post integration allows EZ Loader users to post loads directly to the Truckstop.com Load Board from within the transportation management system.

Truckstop.com announces integration

“We want moving freight to be a simple and efficient process for our customers and partners,” said Eduardo Avila, Director of Integrations, Truckstop.com. “By integrating with the Truckstop.com Load Board, EZ Loader customers will experience a more streamlined process for moving freight.”
Built by brokers, EZ Loader TMS uses technology to give customers the necessary data and information to run a brokerage of any size. The company’s feature-rich, cloud-based platform can be run from any computer or mobile device, from anywhere and leverages an easy-to-use interface that can have users building and updating loads in less than a day. EZ Loader’s dashboard gives users an up-to-date overview of what the company is doing or what an individual is doing, while detailed reports allow users to customize and view the details.
“Integrating with Truckstop.com’s load board allows our clients an efficient way to post and book loads inside of EZ Loader TMS and gives our customers the full benefits of Truckstop.com. Paired with our digital features and automation, integrations within EZ Loader gives brokers the competitive advantage.” Said Michael Pair, Co-Founder, EZ Loader TMS
Are you a TMS looking to integrate with Truckstop.com solutions to improve the workflow of your customers? Visit https://truckstop.com/product/integrations/ and fill out the form to schedule a meeting with our integration experts.
About EZ Loader
EZ Loader TMS was developed with one main goal in mind, to develop the most efficient tools for transportation management in the market. We want to automate the process so you can spend your time making sales and servicing your clients.
Our back-end automation and powerfully integrated platform gives you an arsenal of well-rounded tools that make EZ Loader the backbone of your business. Molded by the feedback of successful, growing brokerages, our easy-to-use interface is packed with features that speed up your process and boost productivity.
Book a demo of EZ Loader TMS to see what powerful features can help you become more efficient. https://bit.ly/TSEZLoader

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