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Top Blogs for Owner Operators to Follow in 2020

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The trucking industry is one of the most challenging sectors in the nation. Owner-Operators spend much of their lives in the cab of a truck, away from their families and physically isolated from their peers. However, the fact is, they are not out on the road alone. They are joined by thousands of fellow truckers faced with the same situations and responsibilities. Thankfully, with digital access to almost any kind of information, they can learn to be better truckers and run better businesses by listening to each other and their industry.

In Truckstop.com’s efforts to give you information to achieve more business success, we have compiled the top blogs that we love for truckers.

Top Industry Blogs to Learn By


A blog for and about owner-operators and drivers, Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) offers daily news and in-depth information on equipment, operations, regulations, environmental issues, and more.

Trucking Truth:

The Trucking Truth blog by veteran truck driver Brett Aquila, is a great resource for new over-the-road (OTR) truckers. The blog has an honest and positive approach for sharing information about the trucking industry along with some great advice from skilled and experienced truck drivers. The blog covers topics from trucking companies and job listings to CDL training materials, and tips on becoming a great truck driver.

Fleet Owner:

Fleet Owner is a rich online source for commercial truck fleet operations, equipment and technology. Fleet Owner provides information about operations, vehicle maintenance, industry regulations and information-management technology. The blog also includes information on the latest trucking trends, hybrid technologies, diesel fuel economy, trucking safety, jobs and employment news.

Truckers Report:

Truckers Report is a network of professional truck drivers connected by the trucking industry forum. The forum provides a way for drivers to share information and assist each other with business and career advice. Thousands of experienced drivers are available to answer questions about jobs, training and a variety of other topics.

Women in Trucking:

Ellen Voie is President of Women in Trucking, a group that encourages and supports women in the trucking industry and celebrates their successes. Ellen’s blog follows their mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.

Smart Trucking:

Smart Trucking features informed thoughts and opinions about random topics in the trucking industry. Sharing a passion for trucking and supporting truckers on and off the road, The Smart Trucker blog provides tools and skills needed for ongoing career success. Topics ranging from a guide on how to start your trucking career to tips on what to do if your rig breaks down, the blog is a great resource from truckers for truckers.


Fueloyal’s blog provides short informative articles that are easy to read and educational. Often using Infographics, this blog presents information in a visual way that can be retained and applied by truckers, truck companies and owners.


Overdrive provides industry insights, information for carriers and owner-operators, and important trucking news.

CDL Life

CDL Life is a way to get training as an owner-operator or carrier, gain industry insights, and understand the business of trucking.

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Blogs by Truckers, for Truckers

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