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6 Best Trucker Forums for Owner Operators in 2022

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Online forums have become the place to be for people with any sort of shared interests, and truck drivers are no exception. Trucker forums are packed with useful tips and information, and they are a great place to ask very specific questions of other truck drivers. Whether you make lifelong friends or simply pop in when you need to know something about your next destination, many drivers come to rely on their favorite trucking forums. Owner-operator forums can be especially useful since you don’t have the same support as company drivers.

But not all truck driver forums are the same. Some are easier to use, some have more relevant topics, and some are more active than others. You’ll want to sign up for at least one active trucking forum that is regularly updated and covers the topics that matter to you. Here’s a look at the best trucker forums for owner-operators in 2022.

What to look for in a trucker forum

So how can you tell whether a specific truck driver forum is right for you? Everyone has specific needs and desires, but in general, good trucker forums share a few characteristics:

  • Active users. This is arguably the most important. The trucking industry changes quickly, and conditions on the ground change even faster. The best trucker forums are filled with active users and plenty of daily posts. When someone posts a question, they get answers fast. This is particularly helpful for owner-operators, who may come to rely on other users for support.
  • Easy to navigate. Even the best information will do you no good if you can’t find it. Look for forums that are well laid out and make it easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Relevant topics. This is highly personal since every trucker is looking for something different. Spend some time scrolling through the topics to see if they resonate with you. Are people discussing the things you care about? You’re always free to start a new thread, but you’ll typically have the most luck if you’re posting in a community with similar concerns.
  • Mobile-friendly design. You might have a laptop in your truck, but do you want to have to fire it up anytime you want to ask a question? A mobile-friendly design lets you easily access the forum from your smartphone or tablet. Just make sure you’re not driving and reading or posting at the same time, which is highly dangerous and could be illegal.
  • Up to date. Is the available information timely? Are people discussing what’s actually happening on the ground right now? Or were the last posts made before the pandemic hit? The more up-to-date the forum is, the more useful it will be. Of course, some topics are evergreen, and you may be able to get some helpful information from older posts. But if there aren’t regular updates, especially when major industry news breaks, it’s likely not worth your time and energy.
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6 best trucker forums

So which forums are the best? Again, this will partly depend on what you are looking for. But the top forums offer something for nearly everyone and meet the above criteria. Here are a few of the best trucker forums for 2022:

Truckstop community forum

As one of the longest standing and most active load boards on the Internet-, offering a full suite of tools for truckers, Truckstop has more than 250,000 active users. The community forum is fully integrated into the overall site, making it easy to find the information you want. You’ll find timely and relevant blogs, member posts, and more all in a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate design.

Truckers Report

The Truckers Report forum has more than 300,000 members and 8 million messages. The forum is divided into different categories such as Owner-Operators, Tricks of the Trade, and Truckers’ Trucking Tools, allowing you to quickly access the type of information you’re looking for. The highly active forums see numerous posts per day and, sometimes, per hour.

Trucking Truth

The incredibly well-organized Trucking Truth forum is divided into boards such as CDL Training Diaries and Ladies of Trucking. There’s also a spot to view all conversations over the years on a specific topic, such as company-sponsored training, and All-Star Comments board with a curated list of the most helpful comments ever made on the forum. If you need help, there are training videos that explain the different boards and how to use the forum.

Class A Drivers

With more than 46,000 members, the Class A Drivers forum offers several helpful features. You can see on the main screen who’s online and which forum they’re in, allowing you to direct your questions to a currently active thread. Categories such as Drivers Information, Employment Resources, and Family keep discussions organized, and you can easily see when the most recent post was made on each thread.

Team Run Smart

Divided into sections such as TRUCK Smart, BUSINESS Smart, and LIVE Smart, the Team Run Smart website is more a blog and podcast than a forum. But it’s packed with useful information you won’t want to miss. Contributors come from all across the trucking world, offering a wealth of lived experience. And with more than 69,000 members, there’s always someone to help you out.

Freight Relocators

Formerly the Truckers Forum, Freight Relocators has more than 13,000 members and 35,000 threads. The forum is divided into a logical flow of categories and subcategories, making it easy to decide where to post your thoughts. You can see when each thread received its last post from the main page, allowing you to easily follow the action. There are even some novel but highly useful subcategories, such as the fairly active Truckers Cooking Forum.

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Which forums are you going to try?

Trucker forums cover virtually any topic you can imagine, from ongoing industry changes to bringing children or pets. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier on the road, find a new trucking career, or figure out what’s wrong with your truck, you’ll find a huge community of people who can help. There are even forums for family members of truckers to get some support.

So which forums will you try?  They’re free to join or available as part of an overall site subscription, so why not sign up for a few? Just keep an eye on the clock—forums can suck you in, and before you know it, you’ve been posting and replying for an hour or two!

Don’t forget that the Truckstop Community Forum is open to all subscribers. Sign up today if you’re looking for high-paying loads from well-vetted brokers and shippers, the tools you need to negotiate the best rates, and an active community of fellow truck drivers.

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