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Truckstop and FTR announce Rate Forecasting

Partners Truckstop.com and FTR are proud to announce the release of Rate Forecasting. What is Rate Forecasting? Rate Forecasting is the groundbreaking rate forecast solution which projects the trend on each lane for each week—out to one year ahead—to support actionable, real pricing decisions. How does Rate Forecasting work? Rate Forecasting data is available in

ITS Financial Services Launches Cargo Insurance Transactional Load Insurance

ITS Financial Services, along with McGriff, Seibels & Williams and Roanoke Underwriting, announced today the launch of Cargo Insurance. A cost-effective, transactional “all risks” cargo insurance, Cargo Insurance is designed to reduce load liability and standardize coverage across the transportation industry. “Across the industry, you won’t find an insurance product quite like Cargo Insurance,” Truckstop.com

Op-Ed: ‘Brake’ Out of the OOS Violations

If we are really serious about safety, we have to make big improvements in brake adjustment and maintenance. Just because our slack adjusters are called “self adjusting” doesn’t mean they always work. In fact, we know that they fail to work quite often. During the 2015 CVSA road check program, brake system problems accounted for

Truckstop.com Launches LoadPay Transactional Payment Network

Truckstop.com launches LoadPay – a payment network designed to simplify the load payment process. LoadPay offers carriers more control over their payments and cash flow, and offers brokers a way to generate revenue and streamline their back-office work. “We are constantly searching for ways to strengthen the connection between those who move loads and those who