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Truckstop user reviewing freight matching.
Digital Freight Matching

Curious about what digital freight matching is all about? Learn about digital freight matching and the idea that a carrier can simply tap to accept a load and then hit the road.

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freight lanes
Why Freight Lanes Are Good For Carriers

What is a freight lane? A freight lane is any route that a carrier covers on a regular schedule. Freight lanes are also known as shipping lanes or trucking lanes. These lanes might connect multiple cities or transport hubs. They can be direct point-to-point, connect multiple points in any shape, or travel in any direction.

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Truckstop and FTR announce Rate Forecasting

Partners Truckstop and FTR are proud to announce the release of Rate Forecasting. What is Rate Forecasting? Rate Forecasting is the groundbreaking rate forecast solution which projects the trend on each lane for each week—out to one year ahead—to support actionable, real pricing decisions. How does Rate Forecasting work? Rate Forecasting data is available in

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From the Desk of Scott: Driving the Future

I am always searching for something that will drive the future of the transportation industry. I love the research and development aspect and I thoroughly enjoy gazing toward the future and what will not only make people’s business more profitable, but make the industry safer for everyone. With fuel prices starting to creep back upward,

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Freightflow Integrates with Truckstop.com’s Load Board

Truckstop.com has added integration partner Freightflow. As of Feb. 19, 2016, Freightflow has integrated with Truckstop.com’s load board, allowing clients to send their loads from Freightflow to Truckstop.com with the click of a mouse and see results from interested carriers in a matter of minutes. Loads from Freightflow will become part of the millions of loads

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