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Primus Solutions Integrates with Truckstop.com’s Load Board and RateMate

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Truckstop is pleased to announce a new integration with Primus Solutions, a TMS provider offering cutting edge design and performance in freight management software.

The new integration provides Primus Solutions users with enhanced freight management capabilities. They can now post loads to the Truckstop.com Load Board, benchmark rates, and view rate trends using Truckstop.com’s RateMate solution, all directly from the Primus Solutions TMS. This not only saves time but also boosts operational efficiencies.

“We love working with partners like Primus Solutions to provide customers with additional tools and solutions that make their jobs easier,” said Brett Webb, VP of Product at Truckstop. “Having RateMate and the Load Board integrated in the Primus Solutions TMS means users have accurate market intelligence directly within their workflows.”

“We are very pleased to roll out integration into yet another best-of-breed tool in our TMS offering. We feel Truckstop.com provides one of the best truck-load rate index and load boards in the industry. Having Truckstop.com fully integrated into Primus will allow for our TMS customers to transparently handle their truck-load business,” said a spokesperson at Primus Solutions.

To learn more about empowering your TMS with Truckstop’s suite of solutions, visit our Integrations page.

Truckstop’s Load Board has the volume, the variety of lanes and freight, and the tools to make your business successful. Drive profits and find trusted partners with the load board the trucking industry relies on. Your road to success starts with Truckstop.

RateMate is a spot market rate index that helps brokers calculate accurate rate quotes for carriers, in order to protect their margin. An indispensable negotiation tool, RateMate allows users to view posted and paid rates by equipment type, compare rates month-over-month, and view market demands for available trucks.

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About Primus Solutions

Primus is committed to building tools that enable you to grow your business rapidly. Our software is the TMS you need to have the ultimate balance of power, ease, and flexibility! With 99.9% up time, access Primus from anywhere at any time. With a dynamic dashboard to see your freight metrics, our visual reporting makes it simple to see the overall status of your transportation spending. Let Primus do the work with automated tasks that will greatly reduce your costs of goods and labor spending.

Interested in finding or posting loads on Truckstop Load Board? Learn more about the #1 Load Board for growing your business.

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