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Five Reasons Our Customers Use ITS Dispatch for IFTA (and Why You Should, Too)

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Capacity is tight, and carriers are busier than ever. With constant access to high-paying loads on Truckstop’s Load Board, carriers using Truckstop don’t have time to spend hours working on IFTA paperwork every three months.

This is why they turn to ITS Dispatch. Our TMS is the leading product for small to medium-sized businesses, automating IFTA filing for carriers. Our customers can access it anywhere with an internet connection to easily take care of IFTA in just minutes.

But don’t take it from us; take it from our carriers. Here are five reasons they think ITS Dispatch is your best option for IFTA.

1. Our carriers don’t have time to waste.

“Every time I have to file our IFTA tax every three months, it’s a chore. ITS Dispatch simplifies the process for us in a huge way. All I have to do is enter my fuel receipts and loads and the software does the rest.”” – Saleemah, A2C Unlimited LLC

When we asked carriers what they wanted in an IFTA software, the most common answer was, “We want it to be easy-to-use and automated.”
So, we got to work. We built a software that does 99% of the IFTA labor so our carriers can get home for dinner after a long day or back on the road without wasting time on admin work.

2. Carriers need to get it right. The first time.

“I have been using ITS Dispatch, and it saves me over 700 hours per year. It’s easy to use, accurate, and always there, up and running. No down time. I highly recommend this software!” – Thomas, Huneycut Trucking Inc.

Mistakes filing IFTA can mean money lost. With ITS Dispatch, carriers easily input data, hit “submit,” and send it off. In minutes, ITS Dispatch automatically provides accurate IFTA filings— all the time, every time.

3. Our carriers dislike complicated software.

“What I like most about ITS dispatch is the ease of learning the program. Old and young alike can pick it up quickly and go.”  – Tamela, Load N Go Trucking Ltd

ITS Dispatch was designed with ease-of-use in mind. We hear it from our happy customers and our new users alike: ITS Dispatch is the best software on the market to use to file IFTA.

4. Our carriers want to make more money (without dropping thousands on an expensive software).

“We have been using this program since August of 2015. We are a brand new business and we received a recommendation for ITS. It has been the most crucial piece of our business. I couldn’t imagine how we would manage without ITS.”  – Mike, Cici Trucking LLC

Carriers using ITS Dispatch see an average increase of 12% in profits because of efficiencies gained. Saving time means making more money.

5. Our carriers want the most trusted product on the market.

“This software made day to day operations a breeze. We were able to keep track and take of our loads/trucks/billing all under 1 roof which was why we signed up for this in the first place. Another bonus to this TMS is that its web-based so access from virtually anywhere with internet was a huge kicker.  -Toma, TNT Modal Corp

With thousands of happy users, ITS Dispatch is rated as a top product for IFTA filings and all trucking management needs. ITS Dispatch earned 4.5 out of 5 stars in all three categories judged for the 2017 Reviewers’ Choice for Fleet Management Software, including overall performance, ease of use, and customer support.

Carriers using Truckstop see wins every day with ITS Dispatch. Are you ready to join the hundreds of positive reviews? If you want to save time on IFTA with ITS Dispatch, contact our sales department at (208) 674-5238.

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