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Compliance made effortless for freight brokers, shippers, and 3PLs

It is crucial to operate your business using properly insured carriers who are compliant with your business rules. Trying to track down insurance information from carriers or insurance agents can take you hours or days, which can prevent you from doing business. Outsourcing your compliance management to RMIS will help you reduce risk and enhance your business’s efficiency while allowing you to increase profit. RMIS will provide you peace of mind that your carriers are properly insured at all times.


Automate Carrier Onboarding. Take the hassle out of screening carriers. Learn more

Automate your process. 

Relying on a manual process to do business costs you time and money. Time lost collecting information on your carriers and then evaluating it based on your company’s rule set without an automated process in place can prevent you from booking loads.

Automation takes the hassle out of screening carriers you want to utilize. RMIS automates your registration and compliance process, enabling carriers to complete your registration packet 80% faster and allowing you to see if they are compliant with your rule set. We continually monitor insurance information, your business rules, and provide the highest level of customer service to you and your carriers.

Stop the chase. 

Imagine needing to book a load with a carrier right now, but you lack insurance information. You must contact the producer or carrier and wait for a valid certificate to return, costing you time and preventing you from moving the shipment.

Rather than adding more staff and internal infrastructure, outsourcing your compliance process to RMIS allows you to direct your efforts toward producing more revenue. We track 95% of today’s active motor carriers in the transportation industry, which means we have the majority of Certificates of Insurance on file for the carriers you are looking to hire. If we do not have a certificate for the trucking company you are using, we obtain it quickly.

Customized for your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all option for compliance; we build our services around your unique requirements. Our solutions are custom-built to deliver an effective and robust system to help you do business more efficiently. In addition, we continue to tailor and adjust your application as your business changes and grows.

Paperless is easier and more efficient.

The registration process is completely electronic, eliminating the need for paper packets, scanning, and faxing. By switching to an electronic registration, your carriers will have an easily accessible way to efficiently complete your required paperwork, enabling you to book loads faster. In addition to our automation and monitoring services, RMIS offers bilingual live support to assist carriers with registration, even while in transit.

Want to know more about RMIS Onboarding and how it can make a valuable impact on your business? Give us a call today at (800) 400-4924 or email sales@rmis.com to schedule a demo.

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