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FreightVana: Mitigating Fraud Confidently with RMIS

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Onboard compliant carriers right from your TMS.

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FreightVana, a digital logistics partner powered by technology and built on a foundation of trust and transparency, faces the same challenges all freight brokers face when hiring carriers to cover their loads—streamlining time-consuming tasks like carrier onboarding and compliance.

Manual onboarding is labor-intensive, tedious, and prone to human error in a fast-paced environment where speed, efficiency, and accuracy are critical to meeting high demand and gaining a competitive edge. But diligence is crucial to limit risk.

Every broker knows carrier-provided data can be inaccurate, outdated, or invalid. And fraud is an ever-present threat. Addressing all these concerns accurately and efficiently is critical to a brokerage’s competitive viability and success. If a broker under pressure relaxes the high level of diligence required to ensure carrier compliance, the broker is exposed to the risk of liability in the event of a mishap.

To reduce risk and save time, FreightVana chose RMIS Carrier Onboarding solution primarily for its best-in-class status.

“As we looked at all the players, RMIS stood far away from the crowd.” 

– Don Everhart, CTO at FreightVana

Upon implementing Truckstop’s RMIS Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring, CTO Don Everhart learned that automating the process empowered the onboarding team to fast-track carrier hiring up to 80% faster than doing it manually and without cutting corners.

To keep fraudulent players and documents out of its system, FreightVana enjoys the same protection as a major brokerage with hundreds of employees. “We have a lot more confidence that—as a smaller shop who might not catch it—the RMIS system will catch it. In the case of a carrier blacklist or even a carrier that’s being examined, the system will catch it,” Everhart says.

Deploying RMIS has delivered peace of mind, and it’s made onboarding fast and effortless for FreightVana’s team so they can move more freight and realize more profit—a direct bottom-line impact. That’s no small achievement for a start-up like FreightVana, and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by its founders.

“As a CTO, I have a lot of systems and a lot of day-to-day worries. But I don’t have to worry about our onboarding process or our carrier vetting process. I don’t have to worry if we’re running carriers with expired authority. I know RMIS is one of the few areas I don’t have to focus on right now.”

Learn more about how Freightvana trusted RMIS’s trust carrier compliance to help protect them against fraud in the freight market.

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