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5 Ways to Produce Better Results This Harvest Season as a Trucker or Owner Operator

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How will you produce results and make more money this harvest season? 
Harvest is the season of growth within the trucking community. Crops are growing, businesses are booming, and produce needs to be moved and be moved quickly.

With an increase in production during the harvest season months, there’s opportunity for increasing profits for truckers, and more money means a deeper pocket if you’re working to grow your business. Read on to find out some ways you can produce higher results this harvest season!

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1. Add another truck to your business.

If you’re an owner-operator, you may consider adding a second truck and hiring a driver to run it. Finding good, qualified drivers isn’t easy. Aside from cost, recruitingwill be one of most difficult parts about bringing on a second truck.

Tip: Not sure where to start when looking for drivers? Ask friends in the industry to refer you. A referral is always the strongest candidate when considering how you might grow your team to grow your business.

2. Leverage relationships with great brokers. 

Building relationships in the trucking business is essential for success, but it’s especially important during harvest season. Because harvest season is so fast-paced, and the produce is time sensitive, brokers often call their trusted carriers and truckers to cover their loads so that no time is wasted. If you have trusted brokers on your speed-dial and vice versa, you’re more likely to keep a full truck (and wallet) this harvest season.

Tip: Truckstop.com only works with brokers who have been verified. Within the load board, you’ll be able to see broker ratings and historical data to help you choose the best brokers for your business.

3. Learn to negotiate the best rates.

Harvest season is a time of great-paying loads if you know how to negotiate with brokers. The most powerful tool you can use for your negotiations? Real data. If you can point to Truckstop’s Rate Insights data for your lane while on the phone with a broker, you will have the upper hand in getting a fair rate.

5 Ways to Produce Better Results This Harvest Season as a Trucker or Owner Operator

4. Choose the right load board.

Load boards are vital to business growth during the busy seasons. It gives you load options and rate information so that you can choose the right load for your business.
With Truckstop.com’s Load Board, you don’t have to worry about underbidding your truck. You get real-time load feeds and can search by origin and destination to find better loads and better brokers to make better decisions. Learn more about Truckstop.com’s Load Board and how it helps other carriers and owner-operators grow their business.

5. Diversify your trucks. 

Harvest season increases the need for refrigerated trailers. If you’re driving a flatbed or van, you may consider purchasing a reefer. Although reefers come with their own set up hiccups (long unload times, washouts, etc.), driving a reefer can demand higher load rates and they can always be loaded with dry freight, making your truck a valuable asset year-round.

Interested in finding or posting loads on Truckstop’s Load Board? Learn more about the #1 Load Board for growing your business.

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