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14 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Trucker

Our truck drivers working on the front lines deserve nothing but the best this holiday season. Are you wondering what to give the trucker in your life for Christmas this year? Let Truckstop.com help. Check out this list of must-have gifts for the haul-idays!

Yeti mug

  1. Stainless steel travel cup

Not all travel tumblers are created equal, and a truck driver’s to-go mug is likely to take a beating. Make sure the trucker you love has a travel cup they’ll love. This one from Yeti will keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, will fit in a cupholder, and comes in a variety of colors.

  1. Multipurpose demolition tool

Truck drivers never know when they’ll be in a tough spot. Help them get out of a jam with a multi-use tool like this one from Trucker’s Friend. This heavy-duty gadget has a tire chain hook, an axe, a pry bar, hammer, and more. It’s perfect for prying loose nails, chipping away at ice, etc. This model is also made in the USA.

non-contact door opener

  1. Non-contact door opener

The pandemic has forced all of us to make a lot of adjustments to our daily routines, and has also brought a lot of new products to the market. This 4 pack of heavy-duty non-contact door openers with stylus makes a great stocking stuffer, and it fits right on your trucker’s keychain, so they’ll never be without it.

  1. Lined flannel shirt

It’s hard to predict what Mother Nature might do. A truck driver never knows when they may need to throw iron or chip away at windshield ice during harsh winter weather. Help keep ‘em warm with a quilted flannel shirt. Wrangler makes a great one available in a variety of colors at a very good price. They also make one with a hood if that’s more your trucker’s speed.

  1. Leather work gloves

In the winter, gloves can get wet and need time to dry. Even if your trucker already has a pair, they can always use an extra pair of work gloves. These leather ones from Wells Lamont are always a hit, thanks to their comfort and durability.

  1. Personal portable oven

Homemade meals on the road are few and far between. Send your trucker off right with a personal portable oven and some homemade meals! These little ovens are capable of heating up leftovers and a great alternative to microwaves, which draw a lot of power. This oven from HotLogic is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon. Make sure to include a power inverter so it can be powered up in a truck!

compressions socks

  1. Compression socks

Truckers spend a lot of time driving, which means a lot of time sitting. Help the trucker in your life fight circulation issues with these compression socks, another great stocking stuffer.

See more healthy gadgets for Christmas gift ideas!

  1. SiriusXM

With SiriusXM, truckers can stream their favorite music, listen to live sports or their favorite channels, like the Road Dog Trucking channel, dedicated solely to the trucking community. Subscriptions start at just $5/month! Some vehicles come with SiriusXM already installed. Your truck driver can also listen on their phone from anywhere.

  1. Polarized sunglasses

Treat your trucker to a nice pair of sunglasses. It might be hard to justify the cost, but given the amount of time they are worn each day, they’re well worth it. Truck drivers again and again list Maui Jim and Oakley as some of their favorite sunglasses to wear behind the wheel. Make sure they fit comfortably and have polarized lenses!

  1. An audiobook subscription

Keep your trucker from boredom with a subscription to an audiobook service. Amazon’s Audible and Audiobooks.com are both available in the App Store or from GooglePlay. They can search by their favorite author or genre and listen anytime from anywhere.

  1. Orthopedic seat cushion

Seat cushions degrade and fall apart over time, so why not give your trucker a new seat cushion for their truck so they can drive in comfort? This gel, non-slip orthopedic cushion is great for back pain and has a removable cover so you can throw it in the washing machine.

  1. Stocked shower bag

Shower bags get grimy after years of use. Get your trucker a new shower bag stocked with everything they need for freshening up on the road: deodorant, razors, Band-Aids, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, hand cream, tweezers, etc.

  1. Blow dryer

For the women truckers out on the road, or anyone with luscious locks, this travel-sized hair dryer with a folding handle and retractable cord comes in handy at truck stops that don’t offer them.

  1. Truckstop.com Load Board

If your trucker finds their own loads to haul, give them the gift of the Truckstop.com Load Board! The basic package is just $42/month, and it comes with unlimited load searching and truck posting, plus instant load booking so they can keep their truck rolling whenever they need to.

Whatever you choose to give your favorite trucker for the haul-idays, Truckstop.com wishes you and yours a joyous haul-iday season!

11 gift ideas for your favorite trucker
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