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Tech gadgets to help you stay healthy when you’re trucking

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It’s no secret that staying healthy is a big concern for truck drivers. You probably already know that truckers are at a higher risk of developing serious health conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more. It’s makes sense since more time is spent sitting in the cab of a truck than walking and moving around. Unfortunately, the sedentary nature of truck driving is having a serious effect on the health of the people who keep our country moving.

Is it possible for truckers to stay healthy when they’re behind the wheel?

Definitely! More than ever, we have to ability to fight back against some of these health conditions through the use of modern-day technology. In fact, there are a lot more tools in the arsenal to choose from aside from fitness bands and health apps. Check them out, and consider giving one or two a try to improve your overall health and well-being when you’re hauling.

Apple and charger


There are a lot of appliances out there tohelp you stay healthy when you’re rolling.

  • 12-volt electric coolers. A fridge can pull a lot of power, and many trucks are limited to 400-watts anyway, so having an electric cooler in the cab is a great option. It means better access to fresh foods as opposed to processed ones. You can pre-plan meals, make your own sandwiches, keep fruit cold, etc. Koolatrons like this one get pretty good reviews and don’t break the bank.
  • 12-volt portable stoves. Much like electric coolers, portable stoves open up a world of opportunity for healthier eating. Save money and avoid the health pitfalls of fast food restaurants and truck stops. Easily reheat leftovers and pre-plan meals without a mess. This RoadPro is priced well with great reviews. Depending on what you’re cooking, food typically heats up in 30-60 minutes.
  • Carry a propane grill. If you don’t want to carry around a portable stove, consider a propane grill. This one from Optimus Crux makes cooking on the road easy. This set includes a mini-stove, saucepan, and frying pan. It also comes in a mesh bag for easy storage.
  • 12-volt slow cookers. Great for reheating soups and stews, but slow cookers are also great for chicken and roasts (make sure you throw some veggies in!). A quick Google search will produce lots of slow cooker recipes to choose from, but CDLLife.com has tips, tutorials, and tons of recipes specifically for truckers.
  • Smoothie makers. The smoothie craze has brought an abundance of compact blenders to the market. This one from Hamilton Beach blends right into a travel cup and has a wrap-around cord for easy storage in the truck. A 12-volt power inverter should work to get juice to the juicer – just check watts on both the inverter and the smoothie maker to make sure they’re compatible.

blood pressure cuff


Here’s a few of the options available to help you stay healthy while on the road.

  • Water bottles. Your body is 60% water. Make sure you’re getting your 64 ounces every day. If you’re having trouble getting the water you need, use a water bottle that will track the information for you. Staying hydrated will help you maintain focus and stay alert when you’re driving.
  • Blood pressure monitors. If heart health is a concern for you, it’s not easy to have your blood pressure checked regularly when you’re trucking. This blood pressure monitor from Omron provides the average of your last three readings and has an irregular heartbeat detector.
  • Fitness bands. Fitness bands have gone well beyond telling you when you’ve hit 10,000 steps, they can now do everything! They track activity (and inactivity), monitor your heart rate, tell you how well you slept, and much more. They typically connect to a mobile app and are great for keeping track of historical data, so you can see where you’re hitting goals and missing them.
  • Health apps. There are health and fitness apps to keep track of everything from sleep patterns to exercise to calories. There are even apps available with free workout routines you could put to use when you’re stopped. They all vary in price from free to a monthly subscription fee, so consider what you want the app to do before you decide on one. MyFitnessPal.com is a popular option with great reviews.

If you’re using the right load board, you’ll spend less time searching for loads and have more time to focus on your health.

What you do matters, so make sure you take care of yourself when you’re on the road. You’ll have more energy and be better able to respond to the various things that can happen when you’re trucking.

Healthy hauling!

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