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Search and post on the one single load board that drives you forward fast.

$99 *


  • doneTruck/Lane Searching info
  • doneLoad Posting info
  • doneDecision Tools info
Includes Book It Now


Access our real-time load board, plus Rate Insights and carrier performance tools.

$219 *


  • Includes everything in Basic, plus:
  • doneCarrier Performance Ratinginfo
  • doneRate Insightsinfo
  • doneReal-Time Updatesinfo
  • doneLoad Insightsinfo
  • donePost Book It Now Loadsinfo


All the tools in Pro, plus industry-leading tools for finding and monitoring carriers. Additional user at no charge. Total package value $1350.

$349 *


  • Includes everything in Pro, plus:
  • doneCarrier Monitoringinfo
  • donePredictive Carrier Sourcinginfo

** Price per user. Up to 3 users.

* Amount shown excludes applicable fees & taxes.

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Equipped with the Truckstop Load Board for brokers, you’ll find a high volume of trusted drivers and trucks of all types in one single source. Our load board solution is all you need, providing the scale and freedom of choice, so brokers of all sizes can choose who to work with and access tools to work more efficiently.

Truckstop Load Board Premium features Predictive Carrier Sourcing, an innovative tool that delivers granular data and deeper searches to help you uncover hidden capacity for difficult lanes and “special” loads with very specific requirements. You can proactively identify potential carriers by lane preferences and get results that match your designated lanes, equipment needs, and more. From the convenience of your TMS, each search returns 50 results for the past 30 days and within a 25-mile radius.

Available with Truckstop Load Board Pro and Premium, Book It Now helps you gain efficiencies and build your carrier network for faster load coverage in a tight carrier market. Book It Now enables you to eliminate or reduce time-consuming phone and email negotiations. You simply post the load with the rate and other load details, and carriers you trust can book it in a few clicks. They can even book loads outside your normal business hours.

Truckstop vets and verifies every carrier on our load board. In addition, if you use Load Board Pro or Premium, you can get a deeper look at carriers with Carrier Performance Rating, which gives you access to carrier ratings, complaints & compliments, inspections, and history. Using this additional data, you can choose the carriers you want to work with for added assurance.

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