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Truckstop and Carrier Assure Announce Exclusive Partnership to Enhance Carrier Compliance

RMIS and Carrier Assure

This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

BOISE, Idaho, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Truckstop and Carrier Assure today announced an exclusive partnership to bring an innovative approach to vetting carriers to the leading carrier compliance platform in the industry, RMIS. This partnership expands on RMIS’ long history of and commitment to providing rich, diverse, and unique data to drive carrier sourcing and selection decisions.

Truckstop’s RMIS solution is the number one provider of carrier onboarding and monitoring solutions and can provide what brokers need to help securely onboard active carriers. RMIS operates on proven technology designed for scalability and reliability. 

Carrier Assure is the first performance scoring software that anticipates how a carrier will transport goods for full truckload interstate shipments. Carrier Assure uses data science, analytics and powerful algorithms to comb through millions of data points daily, analyzing the carrier’s performance.

“Truckstop remains committed to being the leading carrier data, onboarding, and monitoring platform to reduce risks in the freight transaction process,” said Julia Laurin, chief product officer, Truckstop. “Our partnership with Carrier Assure enhances the depth of broker and shipper insights on RMIS by bringing predictive performance risk factors to bear in our users’ core platform to help identify risk factors for double brokering, cargo theft and other nefarious activities before it’s too late.”

Carrier Assure’s data integrated into the RMIS platform will provide additional data points to assist shippers, brokerages and carrier sales reps in selecting carriers and managing their carrier networks. 

“By partnering with Truckstop, we are providing our innovative Carrier Performance Score to brokers and shippers within RMIS, the market leading onboarding, verification and monitoring solution,” said Cassandra Gaines, founder and chief executive officer, Carrier Assure. “This partnership will enable brokers, shippers and their teams to make quicker data driven decisions to protect their businesses.”

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About Carrier Assure
Carrier Assure helps brokers and shippers stop double brokering, cargo theft, and fraud by producing a predictive performance score. Carrier Assure uses powerful algorithms, predictive analytics, and data science to predict a full truckload interstate carrier’s performance. The predictive score quickly allows brokers and shippers to understand what shipment is appropriate for a particular carrier. Carrier Assure was founded by transportation legal expert Cassandra Gaines, who was named one of the 100 People Transforming Business in North America by Business Insider.