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Longtime Truckstop Customers Nikki and Bryan Larrea of Larrea Trucking Hay Company Share Their Story of Life and Love on the Road

Nikki and Bryan Larrea of Larrea Trucking Hay Company

This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nikki and Bryan of Larrea Trucking Hay Company live Valentine’s Day every day either at their Caldwell, Idaho, home or on the interstates in a 26-wheeler, delivering freight to all parts of the U.S. using Truckstop Load Board Pro. They love semi-trucks, the open road, and being together every minute of every day.

“We’re best friends. We never argue or fight. We’re inseparable even when we’re driving different trucks. We follow one another and talk on the CB,” said Nikki Larrea, Larrea Trucking Hay Company. “If we can’t both take or pick up loads in the same location, we won’t go.”

Nikki and Bryan recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary and combined, the couple has over 56 years of experience in an industry that works tirelessly to ensure Americans have what they need, from grocery store shelves to hospital pharmacies, playing a crucial role in our nation’s supply chain.

Today, the Larreas rely on Load Board Pro to help them find suitable loads in their preferred lane, review rate information, and find the best broker partners to do business with. Features like unlimited load searching, real-time updates, and instant load booking with Book It Now help Nikki find loads at all hours. From only hauling hay to hauling crushed cars to now hauling a major line haul for a large retailer, the Larreas are enjoying steady growth and success.

“I was just jumping for joy when I found that load on Truckstop. It’s just changed our life tremendously. It’s what gave us our business.”

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