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Today’s trucking industry and the entire freight world is fast-paced and complex. Finding loads is one thing, but are you fully equipped to run the business side of your trucking operation?

Trucking technology drives you forward faster.

Technology and software specifically designed for the freight industry is a must—and it goes way beyond using a digital load board to find loads. Owner-operators should be well-organized when it comes to handling all the necessary paperwork that comes with the gig: invoicing, processing payments, taxes, IFTA reporting, balancing the books, and more. And most carriers didn’t sign up for office work. That’s where ITS Dispatch, owner-operator trucking software, comes in.

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ITS Dispatch is like having a personal assistant, bookkeeper, and dispatcher for your trucking company all in one software solution.

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If you’re looking for a trucking software solution designed to save you time and money, look no further than Truckstop ITS Dispatch. ITS Dispatch helps you run your trucking business like you should be running your truck: like a well-oiled machine that makes easy work of difficult, time-consuming manual tasks. Not only will it help you process more loads you find on the load board, but it also helps you process payments quicker, so you don’t get caught in a cash-flow crunch due to delayed invoicing. And it seamlessly integrates with the way you work now and the tools you already use, including the Truckstop Load Board.

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You can’t operate a truck without a dashboard.

You can’t find loads without a load board. And in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, competitive trucking industry, you can’t operate a successful trucking business without the right owner-operator trucking software. Make sure you choose a trucking software solution that not only helps you keep pace with today’s speed of freight, but moves you ahead of the curve and prepares you for future demands as well as business growth.

Automate/speed up manual processes.

Get more time to focus on finding the most profitable loads and hauling freight, efforts that makes you money and increase profits.

Easy integration.

Perform tasks in your familiar workflow.

Get a clear view of your business.

Truckstop’s ITS Dispatch software for owner-operators lets you see critical insights, important information, and relevant data in a single dashboard that’s right at your fingertips.

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Integrate speed into your core business action.

As an owner-operator, the job at hand is finding loads to move. Plus, you must manage those loads. ITS Dispatch TMS makes it easy—right from the Truckstop Load Board. Integration is seamless, so you can rely on it for the most important aspects of your owner-operator role, like sizing up the market, connecting to customers, accessing demand, and getting deep insights into rate trends, so you can negotiate with brokers and back up your bid with knowledge. ITS Dispatch puts owner-operator daily operations right at your “dashboard.”

  • Find the right loads for your trucking business in record time.
  • Manage loads.
  • Access the industry’s most accurate data.
  • Negotiate with confidence to get the rates you deserve.
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Simplify back-office tasks with the TMS that delivers more.

It’s highly likely that you chose trucking as a career that takes you on the road, not to an office. The freedom of the open road, the freedom to make your own schedule, the freedom to spend your time your way, and the freedom to be your own boss. However, time-consuming paperwork and tedious tasks come with the territory. Truck management software automates the day-to-day drudgery owner-operators face, so you can do what you signed up for: moving loads and making money. And your free time? It’s truly free. In a nutshell, Truckstop’s TMS, ITS Dispatch, helps you work smarter instead of harder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A TMS is a software solution for the freight industry. Truckstop ITS Dispatch is a TMS. It stands for transportation management solution or truck management software.
Truckstop’s TMS, ITS Dispatch takes the worry out of quarterly tax reporting because it’s automated and comprehensive. Since it’s a fully integrated software solution, you can input data while you’re on the road, easily create IFTA forms, and generate truck, fuel, and road-use reports. It even sorts by state, where tax regulations vary.

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