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Truckstop.com Announces Truck Post & Load Search Integration with Axele by Optym

Truckstop.com announces integration

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Truckstop is pleased to announce a new integration with Optym, a leading provider of optimization solutions for FTL & LTL companies.

The integration with Axele by Optym gives users access to Truckstop.com’s trusted load board and the industry’s largest freight marketplace.

With Truckstop Integration Bundles, companies can grow their bottom line by integrating powerful tools directly into their native TMS.

“When moving freight, it’s important to have access to both quantity and quality,” said Eduardo Avila, Director of Integrations, Truckstop.com. “As the industry’s most trusted load board, Truckstop gives freight companies access to more than half a million, daily, active loads and more than a million trucks and trailers. But it not just about the numbers, Truckstop also screens and monitors users to ensure our customers are working with the best partners.”

Axele by Optym is a next generation transportation optimization system (TOS) that advances decision-making capabilities for carriers in full truckload (FTL) operations now offers natively two of the most popular Truckstop solutions; Truck Posting and Load Searching. These solutions will enable mutual customers to post trucks and search for loads without having to leave the Axele ecosystem, while offering a new capability of having Axele’s award-winning algorithms provide an even more customized experience.

“We are so excited to partner with Truckstop,” said Ronda Lewis, Chief Revenue Officer, Optym. “This brings us one step closer to achieving our mission to ‘Make the world more efficient though optimization’. Our partnership with Truckstop enables Axele to deliver an optimized TMS that will provide intelligent planning, seamless execution and increased profitability.”

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To learn how to empower your business with Truckstop integration bundles, visit: Truckstop.com/product/integrations.

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About Optym

Optym was founded in 2000, with a mission to make the world more efficient through optimization.

For almost two decades we have been working for some the largest corporations on the planet to make them be more profitable. We have been in the trucking space for over a decade, bringing efficiencies in the planning and pickup & delivery space.

Find out how our solutions fill a need for small to medium fleet trucking companies at Axele.com.

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