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Truckstop.com Announces Multiple Integrations, Helping Companies Automate Freight Management

Since the onset of the global pandemic, the transportation and freight logistics industry has seen its fair share of highs and lows across rates, capacity, turnover, and more. Despite the unpredictable economy, many transportation businesses have continued to adapt and evolve to meet new challenges.

Over the last several months, Truckstop.com has been working hard with several of its integration partners to bring additional functionality and service to the market. This includes:

  • SaferWatch integration with EZ Loader TMS, a cloud-based load management platform built for 3PLs. This integration comes on the heels of an earlier Load Post integration with EZ Loader.
  • SaferWatch integration with Prime Software, a cloud-based TMS offering fully customizable logistics tools and software across the entire supply chain.
  • Load Post and SaferWatch integrations with Rose Rocket, the trucking industry’s first Platform-as-a-Service transportation management system (TMS), that allows customers to define how their TMS operates.
  • Load Post integration with Turvo, collaborative logistics tools that connect shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers in a single streamlined platform.

Truckstop.com Load Post integrations allow users to post loads directly to the Truckstop.com Load Board from within their TMS, giving them access to one of the nation’s largest freight marketplaces. Saferwatch integrations help companies find, verify, and monitor carriers, simplifying safety and compliance tasks.

“Our nation depends on the timely and effective movement of critical goods,” said Eduardo Avila, director of integration at Truckstop.com. “By integrating with innovative partners, we are providing greater access to tools and services that, in-turn, help simplify and improve the movement of goods across the country.”

To learn what Truckstop.com tools are right for you and to see a full list of available API integrations, visit: https://truckstop.com/product/integrations/

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