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Truckstop.com Announces Load Post and Load Search integration with Amous International

Truckstop.com announces integration

Truckstop.com is pleased to announce a new integration with Amous International, makers of Amous TMS, a multi-platform transportation management solution that easily adapts to any size logistics operation. The integration pairs Amous TMS with Truckstop.com Load Post and Load Search, giving Amous customers access to North America’s largest neutral freight marketplace.

“At Amous TMS, we are bringing technology to the smaller and medium sized Carriers and Brokers,” said Mark Shevchuk, CEO, Amount TMS. “The industry is moving forward with how logistics companies utilize technology, and recent events have proven that without technology, it will be impossible to survive.”

Amous is an easy to use and flexible TMS that allows Carriers and Brokers to manage their companies from one system. The new partnership with Truckstop.com and Saferwatch allows Carriers to search for loads while completing other tasks like dispatching and billing. Brokers will be able to post loads with a click of a button and have everything ready for when the Carrier is tendered. The new partnership with Saferwatch allows brokers to connect and keep Carrier information updated in the system to fulfil their compliance and safety needs. The ability to adapt is key, and with Amous, adaptability is the specialty.

Are you looking to integrate with Truckstop.com solutions to improve the workflow of your customers? Visit https://truckstop.com/product/integrations/ and fill out the form to schedule a meeting with our integration experts.

About Amous TMS
Providing tools previously only afforded by large companies, Amous TMS is breaking down barriers in providing an affordable, full-package true TMS to any sized company. Using some of the best intelligence on the market with years of experience, Amous has created a system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Analytical tools and Smart Predictions to help you operate at the efficiency you deserve, making sure your team is happy and the bottom line is strong. Want to learn more about how Amous TMS can provide a modern solution to help you become the best Carrier and Broker among your competitors? Visit our website https://amousinternational.com and request a demo. 

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