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Truckstop.com’s Rate Analysis Now Available for Software Integrations

Big Data For Your Rates Truckstop.com is pleased to announce the release of its Rate Analysis API, allowing customers to integrate the comprehensive rates platform directly into their TMS, ERP, load board, or other 3rd party software. Rate Analysis is a cloud-based rate platform with state-of-the-art big data storage, management, and processing capabilities. Beyond making the

Eight So-Called “Facts” About Load Tracking That Aren’t Actually True

By Erika Meissner-Cortez Whether it’s related to HOS rules, logbooks, or IFTA, there are a lot of myths surrounding the trucking industry. Unfortunately, our Load Tracking service is no exception. Check out some of the most-commonly cited falsehoods about Truckstop.com’s Load Tracking. 1. The app lets brokers track me even when I’m not carrying a

Tech is Slow but Steadily Driving Efficiencies

“The spot market is no longer viewed only as a last resort by carriers, shippers, and brokers. Instead, users view the market as more of a planning tool. Over half of the Truckstop.com transactions are based on loads or empties posted one or more days in advance. Historically, the majority of transactions were last minute