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Schneider Adopts Truckstop.com Book It Now Instant Load Booking


In the freight industry, time saved is money made. No one knows this better than Schneider, an industry leader who’s perfected the business art of optimizing time to maximize margins.
Since deploying Book It Now for securing load coverage, Schneider is reaping the benefits, both expected and unexpected. Fully expecting Book It Now to speed up the process by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, Schneider’s accomplished that—and more.
Maybe the greatest surprise was how Book It Now helps Schneider fulfill their ongoing commitment to provide excellent customer service to their carriers.

It’s a great opportunity for us to get rid of time-consuming tasks and focus on human interactions and serving our carriers.
Ben Schuchart, Schneider

When it comes to carriers, Schneider knows they’d rather not be hassled by the back-and-forth phone calls and emails that are typically part of the negotiation phase of the booking process. They want to be on the road making money. Anything Schneider can do to help make life easier for their carriers is a no-brainer.
Book It Now creates a direct connection between trusted carriers and trusted brokers, so loads are consistently legitimate across the board. Getting loads in front of a large, vetted carrier base, combined with the ease-of-use of Book It Now means a win/win for brokers and carriers alike.

Book It Now is just the easier way for carriers to secure a load.
Ben Schuchart, Schneider

If you could use more time to focus on building relationships and building your business, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at Book It Now, available with Truckstop.com Load Board Pro and Load Board Premium.

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