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New CRO brings three-pronged approach to Truckstop.com

Keep it simple. Foster product evangelism. Create recurring revenue. Kendra Tucker operates under three basic—yet highly effective—principles in her new role as chief revenue officer at Truckstop.com.

When Kendra Tucker was just 12 years old, she moved from the balmy beaches of The Bahamas to the landlocked American Midwest when she immigrated with her family to Nebraska. (Today, Kendra lives in D.C. with her husband and their young son.) This sharp contrast in both climate and culture most certainly shaped Kendra into the type of leader she is today: agile and flexible, with a deeply rooted set of values that she draws on to weather any storm and still stand strong—in the workplace and beyond. 

Kendra’s determination, moral compass, and principled approach makes her an ideal fit for Truckstop.com. When we sat down to get to know her, she summed up her professional mantra, the winning formula that’s served her well leading up to her new role. In the short amount of time Kendra’s been here, we’ve already seen it in action, and we couldn’t be more excited:

1. Keep it simple. Simplicity and clarity drive success. When everybody knows the goal and the steps toward achieving them in simple, clear terms, the battle is nearly won.
2. Build a team of evangelists. When your internal team is convicted about your product, the enthusiasm is contagious—and it spreads to the customer.
3. Deliver repeatable results. When it comes to recurring revenue, this is key. When we “wash, rinse, and repeat,” we achieve success we can count on time and again.

Kendra says one of the reasons she was attracted to Truckstop.com is the integrity of the organization. “I am so impressed by the spirit of the Truckstop partners and their commitment to doing right by their customers and by each other.” That spirit, combined with the scrappiness of our owner-operator customer (which Kendra identifies with due to navigating her early life as an American immigrant), fuels her passion and motivates her to be the best version of herself she can be in her new role.

As she navigates the waters as chief revenue officer, Kendra intends to draw on this piece of advice she received early in her career: “As things change, some glass will break. That’s okay, so long as you bring your team along and communicate often.” Kendra reflects on these words of wisdom: “It gives permission to embrace necessary change and acknowledge that there will be imperfect moments as we evolve. The way to handle it is to go through it as a team and make sure to be transparent.”

Welcome, Kendra. We’re lucky to have you.

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