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Introducing Load Board Premium for Brokers

Now With Powerful New Features.

We’re excited to release Load Board Premium, a new load board package that adds powerful new tools for sourcing and monitoring carriers. This load board solution automates carrier pre-vetting, onboarding, and managing, plus helps overcome capacity sourcing challenges.

What are you waiting for? Find capacity and increase margins. Buy now.

“Finding the right carrier for urgent loads or difficult lanes has always been a core challenge in the freight industry,” said Bill Vitti, Chief Commercial Officer, Truckstop.com. “Load Board Premium addresses this problem head-on by helping brokers cast a wider net to cover challenging loads, find backups for frequent lanes, or even plan for contractually awarded lanes.”
Truckstop.com Load Board Premium includes all the tools of Truckstop.com Load Board Pro (real-time load refresh, rates tools, instant load-booking for preferred carriers, etc.) plus industry-leading SaferWatch Assure and Predictive Carrier Sourcing. It also includes one additional user at no charge.

SaferWatch Assure automates time-consuming pre-vetting and onboarding, while providing fast, accurate, and current carrier details, ongoing monitoring, and certificates of insurance from the issuing agent. By using SaferWatch Assure, brokers can meet their due diligence checklist for carrier hiring and meet industry standards. SaferWatch Assure also lets brokers customize their own set of compliance requirements.

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Predictive Carrier Sourcing proactively identifies qualified and interested carriers by lane. By leveraging data from both searched loads and posted trucks for specific geographic areas, Predictive Carrier Sourcing helps find new carriers to cover difficult and urgent loads, as well as plan for and fill future contracts.

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Truckstop.com Load Board Premium delivers knowledge: relevant, highly useable data and detailed carrier insights—information brokers need to minimize risk while still covering loads of all kinds.
Sign up for Load Board Premium and get access to Book It Now. Book It Now is our instant load-booking tool that lets your preferred carriers book your loads in one easy click! LEARN MORE

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