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[EXPERT PANEL WEBINAR] Freight Transportation in a Post-COVID-19 World

FreightWaves and Truckstop.com - Post COVID-19 Webinar

Truckstop.com and Freightwaves Partner For Expert Panel Webinar

Truckstop.com recently partnered with Freightwaves to bring several industry experts together for a panel discussion, broadcast live in webinar format and hosted by our Chief Relationship Officer, Brent Hutto. It was an excellent meeting of minds that provided an insightful look at the future of freight in the weeks ahead.


Director, Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness Response
Dr. Laura Wolf outlined a handful of optimal health recommendations specific to carriers moving about the country, including social distancing guidelines, masks, and washing/sanitizing standards. She also outlined the government’s stages for reopening communities and discussed the impact this might have on the shift back to normal for regional economies and emergency resources.


Economist, Transport Futures & Truckstop.com
Noel Perry – our favorite economist – illustrated the dramatic impact the pandemic response has created within the economy, especially in the supply and demand for freight. He shared evidence from previous downturns in comparison to the current transportation economy, relating many of the unknowns we face. However, he made bold predictions about the bounce back in demand that will likely result from consumers jumping back into the economy in full force, following their restriction to home life.


Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (Chainalytics)
Chris Chaplice underlined the unique nature of the current economic state, especially as it relates to rates for shipper, brokers, and carriers. The lack of experience dealing with this kind of crisis scenario (for anyone) has left many unknowns in the marketplace. As a result, freight rates have been limited and this has left carriers feeling frustrated – but everyone is just trying to get by until things return to normal.


CEO, Tucker Company Worldwide
Jeff Tucker offered great insight from his many years of experience at the helm of a freight brokerage, focusing on the unknowns and how they impact small business owners in big ways. Jeff advised owners and owner-operators to take advantage of financial programs designed to assist in this unprecedented time. It is vital to be prepared for the unexpected nature of this recovery, so plan for the worst and hope for the best.


Host, Let’s Truck (Sirius XM)
Kevin Rutherford offered advice directed to carriers specifically, promoting the need to focus on tightening up business practices and cutting costs where possible. This is a great time to ensure your business is operating in the most efficient and effective way. In his experience, the difficult times are when focused business owners improve their art and grow while others struggle. Kevin even suggested that times of crisis may be the best time to start, since they require you to be great to survive.
Be sure to listen for yourself at the link below. We’re grateful to FreightWaves for the partnership in hosting this excellent, expert panel webinar.


FreightWaves and Truckstop.com - Post COVID-19 Webinar Banner

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