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From the Desk of Scott: Dealing with Those Weeds in Life

I love what I do. A great person once said if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life. While that is a good axiom, it isn’t entirely true. There is a lot of work that goes into Truckstop.com. It has been that way for 21 years, now. Truckstop.com officially celebrates its 21st birthday in July and believe me, there have been plenty of working days in this company.

Over the past year, we have focused not only on continuing to bring our customers great products, but also managing our existing products and giving you the best opportunity to make money for your business. Let’s be honest: We’re a business and in order to continue operating, we have to have capital. But we’re cannot be a business without you — without your trust in us and your continued association with us.

That’s why it is vital that we continue that relationship and continue to offer new and improved products through Truckstop.com. We love to hear the ideas you would like to have from Truckstop.com and we enjoy bringing products to you that will help you and your business thrive.

But it is important to realize that everything here is not just Truckstop.com. I have a life outside this business as do our employees. As we continue to grow, we know that there is a delicate balance that we all have to achieve between work and home. We call it the work-life balance.

There is a fine line that we walk with any job we have and we must always realize that line is there. It is a line that separates our professional lives from our personal lives. It is a line that, often times, becomes very hard to see and even harder to navigate.

Spring, summer and early fall are perfect times for me to use that line to my advantage. I love to spend time outside in my garden or berry patch after my day in the office and I spend a good amount of time out there during the weekend as well. I can wander aimlessly through the garden and marvel at the plants that have sprouted or the berries that are producing. If you have spent any time with a garden, you know that it requires constant care if you want the vegetables and/or fruits that you have planted to produce the foods you love. One reason for that is that the weeds never stop invading the space in which you have plated those vegetable- and fruit-producing plants.

I found out a long time ago that it is not illegal to kill weeds, barring certain chemicals and pesticides that I don’t use anyway. I realized that looking at the weed and understanding that I can pull that specific plant from my garden spot actually relieves a lot of stress from my life. I came to realize that it was much more beneficial to kill that weed, rather than kill the person with whom I may have had a disagreement about something at the office.

Of course, I would never seriously consider killing another person, but to put both on the level away from work and put them in my garden, the weed was the perfect substitute. It helps my stress level to pull those weeds and it can make me a lot more fun to get along with at home and at the office.

Perhaps that analogy is a little strong, but finding that balance with work and life is very important. Holding on to things that upset us is detrimental to our health. Finding a way to deal with circumstances at work and avoid bringing them back home is vital to your home health. The weeds in my garden? They don’t stand a chance.

As I said before, we are always searching for ways to make your life better and giving you ways to increase your bottom line. That, in itself, allows you to better balance your life at work and home.


Scott Moscrip, Founder and Chairman, Truckstop.com

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